Showing Our PC’s Loving Kindness

Chip Monks


Yesterday, I’d already been up for over 24 hours when came a knock upon my chamber door.  It was George, apparently now senile computer Guru.  Someone to technically look up to though.  He brought me what I was long awaiting for: Window’s 7  Enterprise, which is the best Window’s 7, and even outshines Window’s 7 Ultima!  I asked him what I owed him for it, and said $95 to install it on both mine and Leslie’s machines.  That’s a steal by anyone’s standards right there! Then later on, after I gave him an even brown one, I asked him what he had payed for it, and he said it cost him $100.  So he was charging me less than nothing!  So I gave him $135.  That’s everything I had or I would have paid him more!  We both felt like a couple of cheap Chip Monks because George used to make over $100 an hour!

FLASH!  Leslie just popped in and said she’d like to watch Maleficent on Pay Per View because it’s way less expensive than going to a show and we get to have popcorn for less than a grand for the small size.  She loves fantasy type films and so do I so, it should be a real hoot!  Where was I?  Where am I?  And why am I tap,tap tapping away?

My Big Phat Senile Install 

The silly thing had installed OK.  It just didn’t find my Ethernet card.  Not an option for getting on the Internet.  This wood never do!  He installed the driver but it didn’t take.  Well, you’d think it wood bee a simple process of reinstalling Windows. Nope!  Microsoft is not this kind!  Instead we had to go through a bunch of rig-a-Monroe!  It literally took us all day to fart and fool around before success was finally within our grasp.

Now George used to teach at Senica College in Toronto Canada.  Since, he has battled with colon cancer and has lost his wits though only 5 years older than Me me me Mine!  Anyway possible we tried to get it to work.  We deleted the four teeny tiny icons with the yellow exclamation marks on them and reboot, which returned four teeny tiny icons with yellow exclamation marks on them…

So I phoned the cable company and asked what the big idea was, and they told me I had to first take the side of my CPU off and look for the serial number on my Mommy Board. (Brainless and backwards as they are, they couldn’t just put it on the outside of the tower).  Oh no!  So I unscrewed the thing and left it up to Georgy Boy to read off the numbers for me, using his teeny tiny flashlight with no batteries.  So I got him two double A’s from my trusty camera bag and said he could keep him.  That and a coke was the least I could do until I can get him some more Monopoly money.


That can’t be it I quipped: ‘ That can’t be it!  It’s too long! Here!  Gimme that thing!’  So I shon (shon?)…  So I shon the flashlight in, and there the teeny tiny thing was, right in front of my nose!  Who could you miss it?  Next, we had to go to a Web-site and download a utility what goes to a web-site and gets the driver.  And to get that information, I had to phone the computer company and listen to elevator music for the longest time!  So we downloaded the thing and installed it, rebooted. and still no Internet!  At this point, George was climbing the wall and I was trying to eat my cat!  I’m a dog person anyway, but took the cat because Leslie’s son was going to naturally gas the thing…  So I saved it’s life…  Unimpotent right now.  So he erased the teeny tiny icons with the yellow exclamation marks, rebooted again, and finally, success!  So if you ever have to go through this, erase the teeny tiny icons and reboot…   Now I’ve down graded to Window’s 7.  I’m so happy!

Showing my PC loving kindness

Showing our PC’s loving kindness takes a lot of fiddling around with programs and drivers and Internet sites and copying and pasting teeny tiny icons to the desktop.  No!  Not the sticky icons!  On your computer!  I spent, it must’ve been an additional four hours in the evening doing all that.  However, I got Photshop CS 3 on and Corel Painter 9 and Microsoft Office on,  Got FREE Internet utilities for Virus checks and Systemcare 7: an excellent utility for keeping your PC running more smoothly, getting rid of Malware, protecting your browser, cleaning your registry, downloading drivers etc.. all in one package.  And it’s FREE!  Window’s Update downloaded 186 updates!  Window’s stinking 8 did none of this for me.  All I need now are drivers for my Intuos 3 and my through the ceiling expensive Canon 5D camera.  It just shows ta go ya!  At last!  After two years of CRAP and another two years to finish paying for my CRAP, I finally have the operating system I need.  I run Virus, Malware, Hacker and File cleaning stuff twice a week, to hopefully stay on the safe side.  Italia though, with all this trouble, computer may be outlawed to the public!  What wood eye be enslaved to without one?  And that’s how we’re showing our PC’s loving kindness.  After all, it’s our life line to the rest of the world, Art, Micheal, and Photography…



8 thoughts on “Showing Our PC’s Loving Kindness

    • Yes I do… My machine messes up a lot! So wisely, I subscribed to expert technical support. It costs a little extra than regular technical support. So I remember everything they tell me to do to right the matter. Then when it messes up again, I know just the steps to follow to make it right. Regular tech support just doesn’t compare!

    • I just hope something of it would be of use to you. PC’s differ as much as chimpanzees and are just about as intelligent. LOL! For instance, every time I boot up, my PC likes to play: ‘Ha ha! you have no Internet connection… And I know just the procedure to get it back. Yet put me on a different operating system, and I may not have a clue! So the likely-hood of covering all the bases in just one article, is phenomenally slim!

  1. Hello there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!

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