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Expanding Our Horizons

Please to allow me to remind you that comments supply an abundance of extra useful information to the writer that can improve their outlook, expand their communication skills, provide new friends, exchange ideas, and ultimately helps to improve the quality as well as the quantity that Bloggers can come to enjoy.  And that improves the content that you read!  Too many times I have seen blogs, good ones, fall by the wayside because none of their efforts are appreciated or even acknowledged.  I’m going to show you examples today, of how light can be brought into dark lives this way!

Many of us are left poor, with very few alternatives but to sit around all day watching commercials on TV all day about people going on cruise trips, buying expensive cars and a very many luxury items, like simple skin care products that those without means simply cannot afford!  It is rubbed into our faces on a daily bases.  So if you believe being poor in a rich country is a walk in the park, sometimes we actually have to live and sleep there!  Being poor in a rich country is one of the worst kinds of poor you can encounter, because you stick out like a soar thumb!  Others think of you as uneducated, greasy, germ carrying, criminal ingrates, to be avoided and ignored at all costs!  You are quite literally shunned from the rest of society!  You are stripped of all dignity and self esteem.  And forget about a career because you simply can’t afford one.  Even a simple Photography course costs $8,000!  Where am I gonna get $8,000?   They’re not gonna let you in because you say you like Photography and read books ya know.  You have to earn it!

Instead of brick walls, we can set up plans in which the doors can be opened to all those willing to succeed at what they love to do, just like everybody else with the finance to do it!  This example can be viewed world wide making the eradication of poverty a very real possibility!  Hey!  You’re the ones who don’t want the low I.Q.’s, disease and serial killings, suicide, prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, pacts with the Devil etc…  This last paragraph comes from a comment I made BTW!  Armed with a larger, better workforce that actually collaborates with one another, we could actually go on to solve all the worlds problems, which crooked politicians have no intention of ever doing!  Once more we could take pride in our work instead of just filling in time to get a pay cheque…  Below is a comment from a single mother struggling to survive.  From her words, you will find that deep down, she’s very much like you:

I give you Mingtea

‘God has done wondrous things in my life and for those around me whom i love too. All things are through him only and without him there is nothing. I admire you Darrell for your mercy and forgiveness, you never torment or intimidate anyone and your always welcoming to a friend weather they feel happy or feel down, even when you may not feel well yourself. I see that shining through you a lot. you are a blessing to my life and to those who know you. i pray for you and about you in every pray i say. may Gods blessings shine down upon you and touch your life in a wonderful and deserving way.’

Notice how she speaks of God given qualities because God is the refuge for the poor, and His promise to us, our only hope!  She may speak very well of me, is kind and loving, yes.  Yet there are days when she is so down and distressed, and there are lots of them, most especially around the second half of the month when funds have run out!  I have cried out to God and prayed for her many times, that God will hear my prayers and remove her constant suffering and bring some ray of light into her life; something with deep meaning and constancy!  Something that would open up some kind of financial security for her, that she may be needed and have some kind of purpose in life!  And here is a post from Mingtea when she feels down:

‘my life is over now as far as men are concerned im old poor disabled nobdy will ever want to be with me now. i am no longer pretty im just a worn out wash rag and am treated as such. theres no man for me ever again in my future there just isnt a good man left certainly not in this shithole town. most men here lost their license dont work are alcoholics or drug abusers or they cling to their mamma like a week old baby . makes me sick i was married 3 times and still had to do all the money earning doctors appointment s laundry cooking school visits clean th e house pay the bills put the garbage out shovell the snow mow the lawn. one of these assholes even still complains that he had to pay support even tho his kids are 25 and 27 and he hasnt helped them get a license and hasnt givien them 5 cents to help them out when they are broke they come to mamma. one way its good that no man on earth will ever be with me i dont havae to shave my legs or arms pits. dam i dont even have to take a shower whats the point i only have dirty laundry anyway no money for weeks now for the laundrymat. theres no hope left for me im no longer pretty and no longer work. im done like melted icecream stuck to the bowl after thanksgiving dinner. im equal to the shit left in the sink of dirty dishes. even my kids treat me like shit since i dont work and give them stuff anymore. i was a good person and great mom my whole life for nothing.they only care about right now and give me no credit for my years of sacrifice anda labor i did for them. if they have nothing today they blame me. there is no such thing as free will . God doesnt exist its all a bullshit story like santa clause. i was a loyal wife and devoted mother for nothing. nobody cares about my happiness but plenty of ppl enjoy making me suffer especially your old buddy the madman. hes a women abuser and picks on the weak and defencesless. i dont want to be around you becuase you always say your done with him then your old lady lets him in anyway for whats in his pockets and YOU prolly make him coffee. thats called 2 faced. if he shows his ugly face at my door im slamming it on him no matter what is in his pockets.he cant buy my kidness now hes done too much damage to my family and continues to. i hope he moves away and takes your old lady with him. sorry if that sounds harsh its just reality she will let the devil in if he gives her something, no matter what you say.’

A lot of this is pent up anger and disrepair; nobody to comfort her, nowhere to go, and nothing to look at but four walls!  BTW, true to my word, I gave The Madman no coffee, and told him to get out and not come back!  He doesn’t even care or know what he’s done to her or his one time friends!  How would you like to be living like this?  Is this what fair play boils down to?  What kind of answer has ever been given to any of us, except for you to turn your backs and pretend we don’t exist?  And the way things are going, you may just get your wish!  I’d like to believe someone out there truly cares and isn’t just putting on their little act to satisfy their conscience.  Would you ask a drowning seal to smile for a picture? One thing I do know.  You treat them better than us!  Hear’s another cheer filled comment from her on your behalf.  Why so?  Because this is how you make us feel when you don’t comment!  And ya know what else?  Just keep going the way you have been (you silent majority you!), and there won’t be any blog for you to post on at all…  Have yourselves another wonderful day in paradise…  Are you trying to covey the impression we’re all brothers and sisters?  any more BS you have for me?  Read, and learn what it is to be human!  You see?  Without comments, you’re just a bag of dust…

‘i was having an horrific menopausal meltdown today. it is so frustrating to to be disabled at times i loose all faith and hope i become so overwhelmed with sadness and defeat that i feel heavy from it weighing on me. i wish there was some comfort encouragement or consoling so i could feel better. menopause and chronic illness aren’t for me i need restored hope. i am defeated’







7 thoughts on “Comments on Commenting #2

  1. embarrassing moments in my life are always remembered and pointed out. i wish someone would say some of my accomplishments. like i received the Peter Gzowski award for achievement at an event at the brairs becuase i was a full time mom worked full time in adult literacy and finished my high school diploma. then i went to college and became a Personal Support Worker, i did positive things to bring about change for my kids and myself, but once i was labeled as disabled i was treated like a criminal by the workers there. i knew none of my accomplishments would ever be brought up again and would fade away like it was all a dream. i was respected one minute and a dirtbag the next lol just like being married. all that work and love for nothing in return, anyway i have a nice winter coat for you or bonehead if either of you need one talk to you later

    • I love your shyness. It’s so sexy! LOL! I assure you, I’m no traitor, and I assure you, if I wanted to be nasty, people have actually died in the wake of that Tsunami. That’s why, even in my state of rage (which I have placed under check finally), I remain amiable; in the dark, but amiable. And THAT, is extremely difficult to do! I had to rethink how I’m going to say everything, and even then, I was void of emotion! For that, I apologize for my weak use of words at the moment, but at least I am back in the sunlight! I just have to wait for my newly retrieved flutter-by wings to dry. Give me a chance! Before, I was no more than a glutenous caterpillar…

  2. having my words thrown back at me is humiliating. i wont be back for another public shaming. i thought you were waiting to for my permission to do that but you will do as you friggin well please no matter how embarrassing and belittling it makes me. as long as you get readers you’ve won the jackpot. im not surprised too be victimized by yet another man but i trusted this one like a woman fool sucker and see where it ,lands me front page humiliation for yu mingtea.. i have never been loved valued or respected in my life.why start now. just used and dismissed, well i hope my miserable life scored a reader for you. or a like. lets get a lol at her while her embarrassment brings up the reader count. i hope you dont do that to me again, i’ll let myself out no need to show me the door

    • Why do you always get your shorts in a knot like this? Did you know that’s bad for your heart? Look! The reason this happened, is because we’re both a very different kind of person attempting to get along. It’s unreasonable to believe there’s not going to be some surprises along the way. This does NOT mean that I don’t love or respect you! What I said was helpful, necessary, instructive, and to therefore to your credit!

      Let’s get one thing straight right now! Being poor, is not humiliating; only to the snobbish and the close minded. And you want to weed them out of your life to begin with. The poor come from humiliation’s root word: ‘Humility!’ The poor are humbled. This is why God favors and protects the poor. If you recall, God favored Noses the most because he was the most humble man on Earth. He ended slavery in his time!

      I am always excited to get to work helping others right away! You know this about me; I would have come and explained all this to you, yet I find it very difficult to come to this very negative place. You likewise, were slow in responding about permission to speak the truth about a very pressing and immediate problem that, for your information, now faces a lot more people around this rock than you and me. Yes I should have waited. But like an excited six year old, with it just bursting me at the seams, I was compelled to go ahead with it, while I was still carrying a trickle of emotional assemblence about it.

      Before jumping to contusions, it can be a very different story when both sides of the plot meet up. I love you with all my heart, most especially at this very important crossroad in your life! This truth about ‘us’, though ugly to some, must be revealed so understanding and eventual action can take place. And that’s what you want isn’t it? So why are you fighting against what you want?

      It’s because you believe it impossible to achieve and I don’t. It doesn’t make me better, it just makes us different right now, and I know the cause of your troubles. It’s a deep seated rage, and I believe you picked it up from The Madman. In this state, Darling One, a tea bag with the wrong smell would piss you off! Conversely, enlightenment dispels it for you. I know because Leslie used to trigger me like a pistol, but she can’t and longer, and that’s why I believe I can help bring you out of this particular form of human torment! Understand? I’m on your side! So I would ask you as one good friend to another, to please cool your heals. All will be well, but let’s be reasonable! It’s not going to happen over-night…

  3. Who am i somebody tell me who i am i need somebody to be nice to me today. im surrounded by haters whrere is my tribe? i feel like the bee girl in Blind melons song no rain. nobody wants me around i dont belong or fit in anywhere. Wheres my tribe?
    Im lost and afraid out here alone …..can someone show me love and kindness? bring me in from this lonley cold acknowledge that my life had a role that meant something once
    plz validate that im worthy of life of happiness and healthiness………… is this all we ever are? a ghost of our past failures and achievements?????
    i need to know that im God’s creation and property…..i need to know that this isnt all there is . Life must be more precious than this. i cannot exist without belonging……………………..
    “we All Need Somebody to Lean on” very special song to me deeply symbolic meaning in that song for me………… i need sombody to lean on. i need to hear that i ever made you happy or treated you special with even small favors and surprises. who am I someone tell me who i am.

    • Where do I begin? There’s so many amazing qualities about you, it’s hard to prioritize! Let’s start with your enormous brain! Shell we? I like to play on words, where-as you like to play with words! You are excellent at explaining yourself. I am not! I am naive (evain spelled backwards), where-as you are very street wise! You saw The Madman coming long before I did, and we both received the flack!

      Your logic is impeccable! Who can dispute it? Your open-mindedness in connection with your steadfast faith in God is invaluable to others in that you have the stuff within you to avert others from a dangerous course of action. The in turn, makes you A1 steak sauce Ministerial material! Hey! I rhymed! LOL!

      Your no nonsense disciplinary approach to life is serves greatly to your advantage! This means you have the capacity to change and mold yourself into better and better examples of the ‘new you’. Most people, as I’m sure it’s become painfully obvious to you, can’t change at all! Both your sons reflect the excellent way you’ve raised them. They’re both pleasant, congenial, polite and shine with the same brilliant light that you possess, with more experience in a month than most people experience in a lifetime!

      After all, what’s when compared to a heart, but a cold, calculating, mischievous understanding of the difference between right and wrong! ‘You’re wrong!’ Oooo! I know! And of corpse your poop don’t stink! Intellectuals on average, are very good about pointing that out and extremely stingy about setting you straight. Far be it from them that you should wise up and down-play their wild schemes for their own greedy intentions to prove once and for all, that they’re a legend in their own minds…

      You’re love and compassion sometimes outshines the freaking sun! OK? With this enormous asset, you can brighten my entire day, heal my innards, install confidence in place of my terribly nano self esteem, cause me to take action on your behalf, and yes, announce you to the world no matter how awfully you view yourself right now. Now is this enough, or is more sucking up necessary? Oh, and before I forget, may I remind you that you have already stated your situation in great detail, in comments throughout this last week, so the cat was already out of the bag before I posted. Through no fault of your own, rather, a simple lack of blogging experience, whether it’s a post or a comment here, people still read it…

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