Tackling The Impossible



9 thoughts on “Tackling The Impossible

  1. thank you for posting that. i had another death in my extended family today.an uncle down east. theres has been 6 or 7 deaths so far this year including my father . its been hard at times for me i need encouragement and support. thank you again fo rposting those words of encouragement. as you know theres nobody to do that for me . im the head of the family and as such im the only one my family has to turn to for support love encourgemant etc. so i always have to be strong ready and on alert constantly to protect my flock. even with my own disabilities, heartache , loneliness pain and poverty. but praise God there are good things happening for my babies right now. im so thankful for God’s blessings and that includes friends like you.
    my new vitamins are helping i feel better already and i am eagar to try the PQQ and Q10.

    • I was thinking mingy. My run takes me near Zehrs. Just about a mile away. If you like, you could just give me the cash and I’ll pick them up for you. How does that sound?

      Also, your comments are very dynamic! I’d like to feature them in my discusions conserning poverty and depression, and the relationship between the two. I promise it’s not to say anything bad about you. You know I wouldn’t do that… I do need your permission though. I won’t do it should you disapprove. I will say however, your great ability to express yourself would be indispensible in helping others to understand what society puts us through. And thankyou so much for all your kind and beautiful words to me! I admire your strength as a single Mother as well! You must be incredibly strong!

    • When you do have enough, let me know and I’ll fetch it for you, if you like… One thing. Unless you have a picture of yourself on your Avatar (four leaf clover), you will show up as spam in peoples ‘Comments’ section. They can choose to approve or disapprove your comment there. You’re more trusted with a picture of you, and your comments will show up on peoples blog entries then… Got a picture of you on your computer?

    • It will be Darling One! Just give yourself a little time in your Dashboard and you’ll dress it up even better. The easiest way to post, is to go into your Dashboard, Choose: ‘Posts’ and from the sub-menu: ‘All Posts’ Up top of your posts page you’ll see: ‘Add New’ choose that. And on top of the page that come up, at the top you’ll see in blue: New Blogging Experience. Choose that and you’ll have les problem adding pictures. Once a picture is added, choose ‘enter’ on your keyboard to start a new paragraph under the picture. There’s more. Where your icons are above your writing page there’s an icon on your very left I believe, that says something like: ‘kitchen sink.’ Choose that and it will give you some more icons to help you with your post. That’s it for now. I don’t want to confuse you with too much stuff right off the bat…

  2. i cant make it look any good i deleted my wordpress i can talk and blog but i cant make one that looks right. im an idiot i cant make a blog.

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