Lucky Number 7



15 thoughts on “Lucky Number 7

  1. thats lovley. do you have a carpet cleaner machine? i need to borrow a machine to do my carpet. i called around most places want $100 to clean my livingroom rug 14×14 ft. i cant Aafford that. happy tnxgiving.

    • Is there a floor underneath? Take the carpet out if there is. Carpets always harbor allergens, germs, lice and other creepy crawlers no matter how clean you think it is! And floors are so much easier to do. That’s why I got rid of all my carpet… Hence, I have no machine for cleaning them. I think they should be outlawed! Thanksgiving? It’s just an excuse to stuff yourself. How are you feeling Darling one?

  2. the landlord wouldnt like it if i tear out his carpet even tho i agree with you carpets are disgusting dirt rags full of awful shit. and just think back on all the people anad familiies that have lived in here before me? the carpet is crusty in parts i hate it i need albert to the rescue of a big rug to cover the living room floor. if it was my own house the carpet would be in the dumptser tonite. lol. i enjoyed thnxgiving yesterday on saturday with all the people i love were here all at the same time. i felt so good as mom to have my ‘tribe’ all together at once. i loved loved loved it a lot. it was a great day. each of my kids has received major blessing each in the passed week. im so happy for them i feeel like im walking on air. lol

    • This is great news! Finally some small piece of enjoyment for you. You so deserve it! I prayed hard for you… I wonder if God must have heard, looked down on you, and took action? I’ll ask Albert if I can’t get you a huge discount ;O)

  3. in addition to looking for a carpet cleaning machine, im in the market for a cheap couch for my livingroom. just somthing small and clean if you hear of anything keep me in mind please. stay well peace.

  4. thank you for the prayers bud i been praying for all of us to. i think he heard us. yes things are looking up for my babies and me. i just need to find an income of some sort to keep us going till months end. i also left that hateful pharmacy we were using too i feel like a hundred bucks. not quite a million but im getting there. have an awsome fantastic day

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