For Men Only

Lotions and Creams

With a title like this, all the women will be looking!  LOL!  I just couldn’t figure a way to keep them away…  They love me THAT MUCH!  Right…  Now lets get down to business shall we?  I don’t want to hear any faggety BS from you because you went ahead and legalized faggety BS!  Yes?  So don’t go all self righteous and uppity on me now…  Women have the secret to younger skin and you know it.  Creams and lotions!  Nano-tech is involved now!  Just look at these before and after pictures…  You won’t believe my eyes!





You don’t want to sign your name by dipping your nipple in an ink well do you?  Well exercise, diet and supplements may not improve your skin that drastically because there are places on our bodies where we don’t normally stretch our skin.  So over time, our skin looses it’s elasticity, especially around the face and neck.  Why?  Because we, as men don’t use are facial muscles a lot, except to look stern and emotionless so the enemy won’t know what we’re thinking about.  And what do we use our neck muscles for, but to turn and hold our heads up?  Just look at what a little skin care can do!

Last Minute Reflections

Why it used to be that whenever I couldn’t tear myself away from the mirror, I would wink at myself and wave, and try to do things before the mirror catches me!  Now, it’s a different story…  I still can’t tear myself away from the mirror (I order in for meals in front of the mirror; most important what a handsome dog I am!

Anyway, now I make all kinds of faces in the mirror which not only makes me giggle, but it stretches out a group of 22 muscles that never get used!  It only takes a minute or two, and I think you have a fair idea of how to do it…  Obviously, if you pull your chin upward, your neck will stretch out, and so on for your face.

Women have the Right Reaction…


See how she moves around her flabby cheeks with disdain and disgust?  I say massage your cheeks.  The big ones too! That’s right!  Stand up in your tub and vigorously flap your butt cheeks around.  Notice how soft and unused they are?  Hire a Bum Therapist if you have to, but get it done!

I cover my body (including my Glockenspiels) with 7 day moisturizer every time I take a bath, which is every 15 minutes…  I also use Saint Ive’s new cleanser to get more dirt out of your pours than soap can.  Finally, after producing enough steam to bring The Fire Department, I use a handy wipe with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in it.  Then I cook in a blast Furnace, for about an hour and a half, or until I’m nice and crispy.  If that doesn’t work, try sand blasting your head :O)

Us men have to get with the program now and catch up to the women is all.  Or do you prefer to try and pick up babes looking like a crumpled newspaper?  No one need know (except the whole world here), unless you tell them.  Buy the stuff in secret and if the Cashier looks at you funny, say it’s for your cat.  Hide them from the enemy though (your wife) or Shirley, she’ll deplete your supply of feminine, nano-cosmetics… Just act naturally:  ‘Aloe Vera!  How are you?’  See how my face looks just like a babies bottom?


9 thoughts on “For Men Only

      • LOL. The term is now ruined b/c man boobs–for me–has always referred to extremely well-developed male mammary glands (see, this doesn’t have the same kick as saying “man boobs”) on the man in the “After” pic.
        Never once have I considered man boobs to be D-cups-after-gravity-has-attacked-and-won.

  1. im on my way to go get moisturizer now actually. i get stressed out trying to pick out something good quality but stilll stay within budget. im confused. i did get some vitamins today, sadly tho, i couldnt find PQQ and i walked from here to rexall bulk barn and checked stores around here, but i guess im in for a walk to zehrs if i want to get some. budget restrictions are the problem now tho. you have lovley skin darrell. youthful masculine glow with some 5 oclock shadow now and then. you are blessed with very healthy looking skin as well as healthy shiny hair ive noticed as well as intelligent good humored wit. that is going to serve you well to keep you youthful on the inside and outisde.

    • I can’t believe you can be so sweet to me here, then turn around and rip my heart out, kick it into a corner, and then stomp on it with your stiletto heals! After your last escapade, I’m seriously considering banning you from this site! You’re obviously irritating children, and are out to spoil the reputation here I’ve worked so hard for over two years to maintain! I don’t particularly enjoy doing this to you, but you have left me with little alternative.

  2. your pal bonehead, lol has exceptionally young glowing healthy skin without a wrinkle line. his skin makes women jelous. no worry lines not a blemish. he has an overall look of youth , strength, good health, and muscular development . hes the image of good health and fitness.

  3. I hardly comment, but after looking at a few of the remarks on For Men Only | Spartacus2030.
    I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright.
    Is it just me or does it look like a few of these remarks appear as if
    they are left by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are posting at other social
    sites, I would like to keep up with everything new you have to
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    • Brain dead? Perhaps consumed one too many marijuana cabbage rolls, but certainly retrievable! I look at people more as big bundles of potential, just waiting to be unlocked. Genius resides within us all, if we but know where to look.

      My Facebook page would only lead you here. I do appear there on rare occasions, just to say hello to a special friend. Then I run away before it’s too late! I can also be found at

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