Rant #6

Subliminal Messaging!

People have been saying of late that something’s in the air; some kind of high frequency sound (like a dog whistle) that’s not audible to us, yet is constantly irritating us so that we will become violent, loose control more often, and allow detriment to find you, and execute the consequences, perhaps to decrease the surplus population.  ‘Yes’ you say:  ‘Certainly they can flash a picture of a coke on screen in a theater, and make you thirsty for a coke, but just as certainly, they can’t make you harm yourself!’  I can point out an incident that happened long ago that did harm people!  And it’s called: ‘The Brown Note’ effect.

The rumor is, that during world war 2, the enemy used very low frequency sound waves to make the us feel like we had to take a crap in the middle of battle, so we’d literally be caught with our pants down, and shot.  LOL!  Not true!  However, it does effect your breathing, and on the battlefield, that’s a major handicap!  http://mythbustersresults.com/episode25  So don’t be too surprised after so many technological developments since then, if they aren’t controlling you to do things you’d rather not do.

Know it all Christian Leaders!

Apparently, this big group of numb-skulls is at it again!  In Israel most especially,  because they believe they’re chosen, and all that general malarkey.  And therefore, the 144,000 people picked to rule mankind must all be Jewish naturally…  And the Sun still revolves around the Earth…  Get this!  They ‘manufactured’ a genetically perfect red Heifer, so they can forgo their impatience, and receive the go ahead for Armageddon.  This, they so mistakingly believe will bring about: ‘The New Order’ and bring about Heaven on Earth.  ‘Nuclear Winter’, that’s what they’re going to establish!  The daffy Bastards!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t God suppose to set the date for this, as well as the means by which so called Paradise (which we promptly blew the last time), is suppose to come about?

False Advertising!

They sell you things loaded with sugar that makes 147 things go wrong in your body.  Take Yogurt for example.  It’s supposed to be good for you.  Right?  ‘Activia’ for example, carries 19 grams of sugar.  Although it is indeed mentioned in the ingrediments, they won’t tell you what kind of sugar, which means they’re playing with your head because you can bet your bottom yogurt dollar, it’s the cheap, white sugar CRAP!  Answer me something wood you?  Water is healthy.  If I put a tad of poop in it, would you drink it?  It’s a game of cat and mouse they play with you, by leaving out valuable information about the food they sell you!  So you had better be the cat in this little feasco, because we all know what happens to the mouse.  From now on, I will by a pro-biotic supplement instead, and get my calcium from celery.  It should come out to about the same price per month too…

Stupid Designers!

Now they make shampoo bottles with a curved neck at the top.  This way, you can’t set your shampoo bottle upside-down when it gets nearer the bottom, so you have to sit there in your brew of skin emulsifiers and exfoliants, like a big Dummy waiting until it slowly finds its way down.  For this reason, less people will buy them…


‘You are neither hot nor cold.  You are luke warm, so I spit you out!’ – The Christ  Or: ‘Do not go quietly into that still, dark night.  Rage!  Rage against the dying of the light!’ – Dylan Thomas.  Just yesterday, I went shopping.  And when it came to toothpaste, there were about 6 brands of Sensidine toothpaste on sale; all except ‘repair and protect’.  So I asked the gluttonous, pig, Teller if she knew why all the Sensidine was on sale but that one.  Naturally, as ignorance prevails in this system of ‘things’, she said she didn’t have a clue.  So I told her that naturally they won’t put the thing on sale that everybody buys, so they can manipulate you into buying the crappy ones they want to get rid of.  She said that that isn’t her responsibility.  So I said: ‘You work here don’t you’?  Then I informed her: ‘That’s the trouble with this world.  Nobody takes responsibility for anything anymore’  Oh no!  You don’t want to be involved until it comes up and bites you in the ass!  Ignorance kills!  Try to remember that in the future if as most, you’re a fence sitter…

Youthful looking Skin is Only for Women!

You’ve seen all the commercials, this machine for women does this, that machine for women, this product for women’s skin is a miracle and so i that one, and on and on and… BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH…  BLAHBLAWS FOR WOMEN ONLY!  Not one man will you see in any of those long drawn out commercials.  Believe me, if anyone knows the secret to younger looking skin, it’s women!  Yet men are fully stigmatized by this and fear being changed into an instant Queer if they should even mention the word:  ‘Facial Cleanse’.  No…  We think it oh so manly to wrinkle up and blow away like an old, rotten prune!  If that’s your idea of attracting women, you’re on the wrong boat!  Please tell me, cuz I gots ta know!  What is so feminine about taking care of the largest organ your body has to offer, all naked, and visible too?  So what us men are say is, skin is a feminine organ?



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    my own blog and was wondering what all is required to get set up?

    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very web smart so I’m not 100% positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Appreciate it

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