Power of Failure

Truly words inspired by God! Words and music to your ears by: Pat Cegan http://patcegan.wordpress.com

Source of Inspiration


What greater gift
is there than to know
another’s problems
and triumphs and
to love them for both.

It is our weaknesses
and faults that prompt
us to follow the Light.
Our problems force
us from our path of
indifference and selfishness.

Do not judge others
for surely you are
not without error.
Rather, embrace God’s
love and pass it
to those in need.

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2 thoughts on “Power of Failure

    • These are hopeful words, healing words, and a Source of Inspiration, just as your blog states. And when people deliver on what they say in this forum, I highly recommend them. You are no exception. You did the work, and deserve to be recognized for it! You deserve God’s approval! You have friends here. Lots of them! I’m won :O)

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