God Spoke to Me in a Dream!

A Sack Full of Ruffled Feathers…


Just two days ago, I was having one of the best days of my life!  After a long, patient and sustained effort, I had managed to quit smoking, drinking, and pot.  Not all at once, because that can kill you I hear; too much for your body too handle all at once, so I did it all over the period of a year.

I was quite proud of myself for such a major achievement, gloating over how I only have to take 20 mg. of Paxil a day for my Depression, I had weened myself down to from 60 mg. a day because it’s a dirty drug really.  I also take stomach pills for a duodenal ulcer I got from a hit to the stomach from a Black Belt Karate expert when I was 19, for beating him in an arm-wrestle in front of his girl friend…  Well not everything is always pleasant ya know!  The Duodenum and the Stomach sound mutually exclusive but the pills work anyway.

Anyway, I was so so tickled pink because the terrible, nasty, Curmudgeon in me completely disappeared and I suddenly became amiable and strongly sensed a brand new disposition I didn’t entirely expect at all!  I just felt so good; as though someone had lifted me out of my despair, and suddenly sunshine had come flooding in!  Sunshine flooding?  LOL!  You might take this for granted, yet to me, it was like being brought out of my Coma, and back among the living again! Happiness had come calling, and Babies: ‘Oh what a feeling!’

The Party’s Over!


Then around 10 pm. the same day, after making it well known to my insignificant other that I was really, really, really enjoying the movie, two minutes before the ending she did that maddening thing that so many women like to do…  She called me into the bedroom saying she couldn’t pull the blind down.

So instead of saying: ‘Just give me a moment while this movie ends!’ her having ran me all around Hell’s half acre (Actually Hell must have purchased a whole Football Field by now), exhausting me completely, after a full work out, yet still with a stupid grin on face, going here and there, to and fro, and you know fros are hard to come by, I dashed back out, only to discover I had missed the ending over something my insignificant other could have easily done herself.

I sat back down in my ‘Give me a big hug’ chair like a sack of rotten potatoes!  The happiness suddenly went <POOF!!!>, not surprising because it was still brand new, and therefore delicate.  And all the madness, steaming,fiery hatred, fear, sadness and hopelessness came dancing back in like it was it’s rightful place to begin with!  Everything good, all I’ve been working toward for 5 years, all ripped away in but one frustrating moment :O(

I Couldn’t Sleep!


All I could do was sit there and fume ’till about 5:30 am. when I finally nodded off…  I was still happy, only with a very evil intent!  I had told Leslie nothing about it.  In fact, I wouldn’t speak to her at all and that drove her to tears because she knew this meant I was really going to kick her out this time (number 462)…

A Visitation with a Lesson in Forgiveness…

I began to dream of the very intent I had for Leslie, placed on me!  I dreamed that I had been kicked out of my home and was wandering the streets in a constant panic, wondering what I was going to be able to do about it at my advanced age and condition; just like Leslie’s advanced age and condition!  Dazed and confused…

My evil intent had been fully turned on me, with all of its detrimental implications!  And what’s creepy was, I felt God’s presences watching over me to make completely certain I could see what I was planning to do was wrong!  I could not see Him at all, yet most certainly felt his presence and wisdom of the lesson He was teaching me exactly what I needed to know!

My being a former Minister who dared not do so anymore, because I was smoking cigarettes, dooby, and drinking, and was therefore unfit, and unqualified to embark upon what I love most!  <experiencing tears that would never come before happiness did!>  That is, to competently administer God’s word to you, for real, live giving results :O(  I could NOT do this because God has his worst punishment reserved in store for false Prophets, and today, the world is full of them…

Besides, we are all within The Great Tribulation right now, and the time for prophesying, is over!  There’s no new stuff to add until God cleans up our mess and brings out His new book of but more rules and regulations.  LOL!  All I can really do now, is sight real situations you’re going through and couple it with the appropriate biblical text…

He Did It in just Five Hours!


In five hours, I awoke astounded at what had just happened!  Here I had experienced the best and the worst day of my life, both at the same time!  And then a small miracle happened!  I went into our bedroom to forgive Leslie, only to find that she had already forgiven me!  Saying: ‘I love you!  And you love me!  Stop this silliness, and for God’s sake, speak to me!’  For God’s sake?

I immediately fell into her arms, uncontrollably expelling at least a bucket full of tears!  OK…  Maybe a slight exaggeration… A whine glass then…  At this, the happiness I’d fleetingly felt and lost, came back :O)

A Minister cannot minister unless he is given direct permission from God!  He took this fragile broken glass of me, and glued it all back together again for a reason…  Don’t you think?  Blessed be our Savior the Christ, for He is The Master in charge, of all things good and right!  He speaks to God on our behalf, and I do believe He just said something!  This is my Testimonial to you.  Sheesh!  Nothing like hurrying me up about it!  My best guess is, he has seen I am finally willing to look after myself and respect the virtues He has given me.


12 thoughts on “God Spoke to Me in a Dream!

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