Now you see me?

No You Don’t!

Did some of you think the heading said: ‘Now you don’t’?  Your brain expects that, and sometimes you can leave out just one letter,  I can fool some of you into seeing something that isn’t really there!  Ha ha!  I made magic!  Hehehehehehe! ‘Oh hoe hoe, it’s magic!  Ya know!  Never believe it’s not so!’

See you think you see me, but you are just seeing my words and not the expressions that go with them.  So it’s all pretty much an illusion of ourselves that we create here.  Besides, anything I say goes global, so of corpse I’m going to be on my best behavior, try to say witty things, be funny, moving, emotional, etc…  Frankly, (or if you like, Neil and Bob), I’m cool as a cucumber right now, not that cucumbers are especially more frigged than other growing vegetables on blogs…



Now I’ve gone and fooled you again…  Such is The Internet!  It’s magic!  I can continue to fool you as long as I choose.  This isn’t actually a post about whom we pretend to be here.  It’s a review about a movie called: ‘Now You See Me’!  You might want to watch the Trailer, it’s a gasser!


If you’d like to see a moving that takes you well beyond the seemingly impossible!  If you have a pension for magic alone, you will love this flick!  Furthermore, if you ever wanted to see The Police and The F.B.I. get what’s coming to them, I promise this movie will tickle you with glee, and perch you right on the edge of your seat, from start to finish!


I can’t reveal too much.  And though every trick is explained, there’s more than just magic at work here because they all have their own talents.  And one of them is a Mentalist.  The young man with the cards above, makes a soap bubble out of thin air, set it free, and the woman above jumps into it and floats around the audience!  Pretty cool huh?  How do they do it? Ask Morgan Freeman.  He’s in it as well… From young to old, never to disappoint, this one is a keeper that will astound your mind and cause you to question everything you believe, or disbelieve for that matter.  Excellence acting and the perfect plot!  Who could ask for more?  Popcorn anyone?  Enjoy! 


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