I would NEVER raise a hand to my Child!

You’re what I like to call: ‘Wrong!’

You know me to be quite apt at explaining myself by now.  Reason being, I would never say anything to mislead you if I can possibly help it!  I’ve always tried to look ahead, consider the entire picture and possible consequence of my actions against the dividends.  My judgments then, are more than usually spot on.  If I don’t know what I’m talking about, you can pretty well bet I won’t tackle the subject.  However, having learned through keen, observation, and personal experience, I can confidently say that I qualify as a competent Parent, rather than the Child Beater you may be supposing of me right now.  There’s a difference!

If you truly love your children, you must administer the appropriate amount of discipline at the appropriate times!  By appropriate, I mean if it concerns something major to their proper development, like failing to carry out instructions that may involve serious consequences for your child later in life, or an actual armed robbery…  LOL!  

Take my word for this.  For two of my children, a boy and a girl, I have only administered corporal punishment once and once only!  Since taking this wise step, (not holding back , and teaching who’s Boss).  That’s all important or you may wind up with a little Psychopath on your hands!  It’s not my problem if your kid goes to Prison for Life at 19 cuz he lost his temper and shot someone.

Some boys more especially, tend to be willful enough not to produce tears.  A red butt confirms it was delivered successfully.  Then be certain to explain in detail exactly how much that hurt you to have to do that!  Ask them why they did what they did, and explain the consequences, not just from you, but from how their entire lives will proceed on such a premise…  ‘Will you please listen to me from now on?’  Else-wise, this is Parental Neglect!

Since then, I’ve had nothing but glowing reports from people everywhere, on how well behaved my children are, and I never once had to touch them again!  When I ask them to jump, they ask how high…  And it’s not out of fear, but the common sense that must be drilled into them.  This in truth is respect that guides them.  Else-wise, you are raising a little Trouble Maker, that eventually become:  ‘Big Trouble Makers!’  Comprehend?  This has also worked on my cat.  It now obeys my every command making it unnecessary to suffer through life to begin with.  You will find then generally, just making your cat stand in the corner with it’s nose against the wall, is enough…

The One that got away…

Elliot was the one I had yet to discipline at all before I left.  He was only 3 at the time…  I managed to retrieve a picture from my (One time) brother, and it was obvious in the picture that he was a true instigator in the making!  So you see, the stand in the corner, or removal of privileges, or even grounding, in and of it’s own, is primary ineffective without at first removing the want to create mischief far from them, and as unfortunate as this may sound to you, sometimes you may have to even threaten the little Dodgers, reminding them that you DON’T want to strike them, and not that you do.  This is one prominent reason we raise Criminals; we don’t spend enough constructive time with them to point them in the right directions to begin with!

These are Human Beings that start out as animals!  Check out parental behavior in the entire Animal Kingdom if you don’t believe me…  Watch a sibling start a fight with another cub, and just see if the Mother solves the problem with words?  I’m not in a particular mood to strike any child.  It’s a one time event, while they’re young, backed by caring and value instruction on life and how to tackle what they must face out there, without becoming just like them.  And I’m not here to tell you to do anything!  Your choices are yours to make, and yours alone..  For further instructions, please view this site:  https://www.care.com/a/permissive-parenting-7-signs-your-kid-is-a-brat-1105261605  Backward as ever though:  ‘I would NEVER raise a hand to my Child!’  



10 thoughts on “I would NEVER raise a hand to my Child!

  1. the world is full of criminals because theres no fathers at home giving spankings watch “the first 48 ” for a day none of them have fathers men act like whores making lives they dont take care of and pile it all on a womans shouldres do to everything! most men are nasty farting nose pickers anyway. i dont have much respect for men. very few men are good people and do the right and responsable things. most men are drunks lazy and use women to get ahead. my grandmother used to say “whats the difference between a man and a pale of guts, nothing”! you have one of the worst hanging out with you. the madman hes a coward living off his mothers teet still at 54 years old. living off her money and groceries too she pays off all his big bills buys his winter fuel and he still complains . men stink and its their fault that kids grow up disrespectful and rotten like their fathers cuz they dont have a good man to show them how to be one. kids need a spanking sometimes. not with anger but with reason and calm. women have enough work to do they didnt make the kid alone they shouldnt have to raise them alone either.

    • Thank you for a lot of the pin-point details I usually miss in my posts! Women have it tougher than men do in the all important work to support our children financially as well. They are generally paid less than men, laughed at if they should dare to enter The Construction Trade or drive a Transport truck. Flipping burgers is gonna pay for looking after your kids… Me thinks they got it backwards again…

      I can not make quotes, or my keyboard speaks in Italian. LOL! Anyway, it goes something like this: Men do not mature anymore. They remain Jackasses all their lives! It is called: responsibility. We run from it like The Plague, after agreeing to a commitment in the first place! Bad attitude! Commitment can be good!

  2. my life is over now as far as men are concerned im old poor disabled nobdy will ever want to be with me now. i am no longer pretty im just a worn out wash rag and am treated as such. theres no man for me ever again in my future there just isnt a good man left certainly not in this shithole town. most men here lost their license dont work are alcoholics or drug abusers or they cling to their mamma like a week old baby . makes me sick i was married 3 times and still had to do all the money earning doctors appointment s laundry cooking school visits clean th e house pay the bills put the garbage out shovell the snow mow the lawn. one of these assholes even still complains that he had to pay support even tho his kids are 25 and 27 and he hasnt helped them get a license and hasnt givien them 5 cents to help them out when they are broke they come to mamma. one way its good that no man on earth will ever be with me i dont havae to shave my legs or arms pits. dam i dont even have to take a shower whats the point i only have dirty laundry anyway no money for weeks now for the laundrymat. theres no hope left for me im no longer pretty and no longer work. im done like melted icecream stuck to the bowl after thanksgiving dinner. im equal to the shit left in the sink of dirty dishes. even my kids treat me like shit since i dont work and give them stuff anymore. i was a good person and great mom my whole life for nothing.they only care about right now and give me no credit for my years of sacrifice anda labor i did for them. if they have nothing today they blame me. there is no such thing as free will . God doesnt exist its all a bullshit story like santa clause. i was a loyal wife and devoted mother for nothing. nobody cares about my happiness but plenty of ppl enjoy making me suffer especially your old buddy the madman. hes a women abuser and picks on the weak and defencesless. i dont want to be around you becuase you always say your done with him then your old lady lets him in anyway for whats in his pockets and YOU prolly make him coffee. thats called 2 faced. if he shows his ugly face at my door im slamming it on him no matter what is in his pockets.he cant buy my kidness now hes done too much damage to my family and continues to. i hope he moves away and takes your old lady with him. sorry if that sounds harsh its just reality she will let the devil in if he gives her something, no matter what you say.

    • If you must know, I told him he was not invited, did not phone, and that we are busy working in the back room right now. So he left in a huff! And I have The Clingon is working off what he owes us… Not everything is as it seems. When I say things I mean them! If you doubt me, as The Madman himself.

      Yes Leslie is greedy. She is also poor, rejected by a rich family that gave her absolutely nothing! Cody was a burdensome, and overly dignified glutton who cares less about Leslie than he does about the death of a 17 year old boy, he most certainly contributed toward, with his hurtful words at a critical time in the young mans life!

      Leslie suffers quite a bit both mentally and physically now, and has not long to live! The wages of sin is death, which squares her up with the house, so I would be careful about whom I am condemning right now, if I were you!

      As for what you said about God, as He, I will trust my better judgment, and put it down to your being angry and frustrated right now! Find a way to cool down before you do something you may regret. Beauty now BTW, is as returnable as a refund bottle…

  3. i was having an horrific menopausal meltdown today. it is so frustrating to to be disabled at times i loose all faith and hope i become so overwhelmed with sadness and defeat that i feel heavy from it weighing on me. i wish there was some comfort encouragement or consoeling so i could feel better. menopause and chronic illness arent for me i need restored hope i am defeated

    • Know it all that I am, there is a way! Look for an important article coming up called: ‘The Power of The Human Mind’… Yes I do understand and am trying to help you… Lately, you’ve been unwilling to help yourself, which leaves me all but powerless.

      Is not Mankind’s cold and non-empathetic nature, all the more reason why you should care, and set the proper example for them? I don’t mean to sound selfish, but we’re here too, and you’ve turned your wrath in upon yourself!

      Now enough! Get up on your feet and put that brilliant mind of yours to work taking pictures for that wonderful blog you’re supposed to be looking forward to… And you do want a blog. You told me so yourself! Get outdoors and help yourself to a little bit of what is all around you! Doctor D’s orders!

  4. i stand corrected and agree. hopefully she can recover in your care or at least enjoy some level of improvement shes in good and nutritionally knowledgeable hands

    • Since she has stolen weed from The Hells Angels, my life is in jeopardy now… So it’s out of my hands. It now will belong to The Police to handle! She has simply left me with no other alternative. If I don’t get back to you within a couple of days, phone The Morgue. I’d hate to stink up The Community!

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