How to Abolish Crime…

Getting to the Root of the Problem…

Certainly, our present barbaric way of dealing with Criminals is not working!  You can’t throw them all in together, where they can learn new and improved evading The Law skills from more seasoned Professionals and are then let loose again.  Only this time, they’re much harder to detect…  Not a good plan!  Correctional Institutions?  Does not exist…

As you may recall, I once suggested putting them all on an Island.  And while they’re all sitting round the camp fire, drinking rubbing alcohol and plotting new ways to stir up another brown one, just nuke The Island…  Be sure and get Polaroids…

Another idea, was to set their houses on fire, and gun them down as they come out rubbing the smoke from their eyes… Not practical either.  See, the main problem is than no matter if you got rid of them all, new ones are being born every single day!  So even if you planted a device that blows their brains out if they sneeze wrong, you’d still get brand new trainees, guided by their equally demented parents.  So how can we ask Oden to stem the tide of Criminal on-slot?


Do you really think THIS will rehabilitate Criminals?  They go out much more hateful and seasoned than when they went in! We’re not stopping crime this way.  What we are doing, is breeding new and more highly skilled Criminals!  Is that what you pay your tax dollars for?  Backwards or not?

Science To The Rescue!

Remember I once told you that you would look for the wrong doer and he would be no more!  God would have done this for free for us.  Mankind and the crumby, Idiot he is, had to open his big mouth and say: ‘We want to do it ourselves!’  And so, after much struggling and many deaths, and losses to everyone on the entire planet, 2015 years later, at last we have reached the crossroads necessary to stop this carnage once and for all!


Turning off The Genes Responsible for Carnage…

Genes are specific snippets of DNA that instructs various proteins to carry out functions within the body.  By turning off the genes necessary for stirring up turds, we will be simply quieting impulses to make non-constructive decisions is all.  You will still be completely you.  The only difference, is that the ‘fly off the handle’ gene as well as the notorious ‘Smart Alec’ gene.

It will become mandatory at birth that these genes be silenced, as a bothersome remnant of our primitive side.  Soon, no parents will be carrying these genes to transmit, and a world wide effort to improve many things will ensue…  Just thought I’d help brighten your prospects for the day.  So hold on…  Help is coming! :O)

Note To WordPress:

Footnote:  Dear WordPress;  Your stupid tags and categories get mixed up and all backwards on your ‘NEW’ way to write blogs.  Just thought I’d let you know you’re doing things backwards again and thats why I have all these new Categories I don’t need!  So thanks for new peaching keen problems:  ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!’


4 thoughts on “How to Abolish Crime…

  1. thats the best idea i heard in a long while. you have the answer. i wish we could get your idea to the big wigs in charge of stuff. thats a surefire way to end criminal behaviour short of annihilation. its true they come out wiser and worse than when they went in they lift weights get stronger, plot with other inmates learn new skills for tricking people and ge together after release to commit crimes again but in numbers now. I grew up in a house full of lunitics and criminals i spent many days travelling to penitentaries to visit family and its never a good solution. i hope you get your ideas to the right people and that it becomes the norm like you desribed.

    • I suspect it already in the works as I speak. I have an uncanny ability for foreseeing and predicting the present! LOL! Thanks once again for an accurate description! It is visual and graphic enough so people can reach out, and touch your words!

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