Comments on Commenting…

  • Truly, most people are willing to give a little head-way, when it comes to whether or not you believe every single thing the Host Blogger is saying…  Sometimes we are unsure ourselves, and are just testing the waters.
  • Your opinion is to be respected, as things seen from your point of view.  Even the indignant can be tolerated to an extent.  Not if you make a thing out of it and ramble on about it though.  Understandably, other people have feelings too, as well as a reputation to protect here.
  • If the content is emotional, at least pretend to feel involved!  Who knows…  It may one day rub off on you…
  • Try to acknowledge the main point of the writers intentions, expound upon that, and then branch outwardly to less points with smaller encapsulations.  This in turn gives the Writer a real sense that you enjoyed and fully understood the entire post, installing trust and motivation for others to learn from this example of encouragement, as they will one day hope to receive encouragement for their own efforts!
  • Commenting is as important for your well being on this platform, as are your postings!  If you want to be heard, be certain you are heard from.  This is your chance to shine before a different group of people all together.  The wise idea, is to take full advantage of that, and deposit encouragement wherever possible…
  • So you do NOT own a Blog.   This does not make your opinion less valuable than that of anyone else!
  • Think of this…  Without participation from you, no one would ever blog!
  • Commenting is usually replied to by the Writer as well.  Just leave us not make it a conversation extensively, unless you would rather be in a Chat Forum.
  • It is FREE!  Just think!  A way to open up your mouth without having to pull out your wallet!  See, you are ahead before you even start.  Secretly,  we are all dying to here from you!  Publicly, none of us give a flying rats ass…
  • Taking an interest in our struggles may teach us all far more than we would other-wise know!  Your opinion is a valuable asset to this community of Writers, Artists, Tech. fluent Nerds,Photographers,Musicians,Scientists,Businessmen and Women,Poets,Moms,Dads,Kids,Cats,Cule Dudes and Dudessesses, Philanthropists, Philosophers, and just plain, old, decrepit, hard Workers who need a break in life besides poverty.
  • Read comments from other people on the blog you so desire to comment on.  I can NOT stress this enough!  Not only will you get a more favorable idea of how to behave, sometimes upwards of 40 percent of what a blog has to offer, can be there in the Comments Section.  Sometimes the whole feel for it is there; things the Writer may have missed or over-looked!
  • Comments can produce discussions that are in fact in Chat Rooms now, if Chat Rooms are your thing.
  • If you have a mind to, 3 or 4 lines is a fair, full assessment, if someone has taken the time to write 300 words or more.  Your comments should extend as does the post.  Most especially if it is a Long Post.  That is, beyond 1000 words expressed: WPLongpost.  Or is it LPWordpress…  LOL!  You have just seen an example of how my brain works.  Indecisively!  LOL!
  • To always have access to all of these very talented and Intelligent people.  You do not want this.  Sorry!  All my question marks and hyphens are in Latin right now.  How do I turn that function off from my keyboard. 
  • What would it mean to you, if your comment saved a life, or even many lives…

6 thoughts on “Comments on Commenting…

    • It would certainly help you I must say! You must know what I mean by that; Enough happy thoughts have an annoying tendency to crowd out all the bad ones, you seem to be feasting on, and picking up steam with. Funny you should loose faith, considering how fine a person you are compared to the vast majority out there…

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