Rant# 5


They think they’re Gods, but what they really are is: ‘Money Collectors’.  To prove my point we set up a little experiment, using my Landlord as a Guinea Pig.  I mean, rather than the standard, old, usual ‘rich people are heartless’. ‘Rich people are cheap’ deal.

So since a back bedroom rug has been sitting in here for about a year totally demolished, by a previous Tenant, with my Landlord refusing to address the situation, and since he’s a millionaire many times over, from all the apartment buildings he owns, he’d be the perfect candidate to prove my point.

My best friend Bonehead decided that it was time to clean this mess up anyway.  So I helped him move all the furniture out and mopped out The Furnace Room cuz the tiles were just black in there.  Just a small closet, just in case.  I’ll get to that later.  Oh, and I also helped Bonehead to lift the carpet up.

Then, since the two Hippo’s have left as well, and our Landlord said he doesn’t rent to:  ‘Pigs’…  I understand that.  So I proceeded to wash down all the doors, walls and floors down.  And ya know what?  He didn’t even notice.  No.  Instead, he went straight to the tiny furnace room (that I cleaned, just in case), searching for the Gnat, while ignoring the whole Damned Camel, just like I said would happen.

There’s cheap, and then there’s cheap cheap!

So what we did was show The Landlord what Bonehead was doing with all the glue to lift it with just hot water and a pallet knife, the grout between the tiles as well, and made sure to inform The Landlord to it was a full 40 hr. week to complete the job. 

The when Bonehead went to The Office to collect whatever he felt in his heart to pay him, he informed him as well that he’s a Professional construction Worker with 25 years under his belt and could probably build the Mansion he lives in, just to see if he’d con his way out or pay him fairly?

He then proceeded to right Bonehead out a cheque, for $100.  That come out to $2.50 an hour…  That’s about what Slave-masters pay 12 year old Guatemalans to machine knit your socks, for food and shoes, which they hide on them and ration, so they’re to weak to walk the long distance home…  To sum it all up: ‘Thou shalt not steal, unless you thy self is being robbed blind!  Why look!  I’ve made a brand new Commandment!  Introducing, a typical Landlord:

Warsaw Zoo Cavemen

Death by Misadventure!

It’s sad enough when Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread…  When Pharmaceutical companies are setting you up for it, that’s a little much: ‘Don’t take this if you’re taking that, it will cause Coma after death!  If you’ve had hives when you were a baby, your parents didn’t tell you cuz they’re dead now, then I guess you’re dead now too, cuz something’s bound to conflict with what you’re already taking already, and as a senile disabled,  (Physically and nuts besides!)…

I can vouch that sometimes, I don’t know what I’m taking anyway!  I’ll take anything to stop this aging on-slot on my body and mind!  So with all The Doctors under control as well, I think they’re trying to get rid of the elderly and disabled early cuz we’re just a burden on them, and let’s face it.  We now live in a pleasure seeking, Hedonistic Society comparable to a monkey’s cage!  Why don’t you just shoot us in public?  No really!  Trust me on this.  We won’t mind!  At least then, we’ll know where it came from!

Failure to Take Action!

The story of my life:  ‘As long as I’m safe in my own, little , comfort zone, bubble, no harm shall ever come to me!’  I have news for you!  What people used to call: ‘Minding my own business!’  has now become: ‘I don’t give a flying, rats ass about anyone but ME!’  You’d better start standing up for what you believe in rather than hiding in a corner beneath a cloud of excuses, what you believe in, is gonna go bye-bye!  OK?

Maybe it’s better you live in the kind of world where the brutes take over for a while.  Maybe it takes something like that to get you off your chair shaped butt and do something about the wrongs and atrocities you see being committed all around you!  It’s comparable to seeing a man dangling from a cliff and ignoring that he’s there!  That’s tantamount to being responsible for his murder regardless of how he got there or why…

To truly exercise a heart of forgiveness, we must be responsible for others where they can not, or yes, even refuse to be!  People have had enough of this ‘LAY  LOW!!!’  GARBAGE, that only serves to dig the hole deeper than you’re already in!  Why?  It’s because you won’t defend others and therefore loose the right to be able to defend yourselves!  And if you want to know the truth?  I think that’s only fair, since all you’ve ever done, is sit back and watch others die…


5 thoughts on “Rant# 5

  1. sounds bleek indeed. its unfortunate that your landlord wont fix up the place i mean your a good tenant you ve been there a long time you deserve a refresh every ten years that should be reasonable for him to do but sadly all they look at is cost to them out of pocket, instead of fostering a good relationship and increasing his property value by means of some fresh paint and carpeting. you deserve a refresh. i hope he comes around and does the right thing.

    • Money has a very powerful tug to it, as I’m sure you’re well aware. People somehow change under its influence. People say: ‘If I’m ever rich, it will never change me! I’ll just be the same!’ Not true!! The change is so subtle that nobody notices it happening to them… And given time, they become just like the rest. These types are almost impossible to change, but I see a good heart underneath all that financial rot he’s accumulated. He say’s he likes me… I’m one of his favorite Tenants because I’ve been giving him money for so long. Perhaps there is hope beneath that ice bound exterior. Though, be reminded what Christ said: ‘You can no more fit a rich man into The Kingdom than a Camel through the eye of a Needle.’

  2. so does that mean we are suppose to go without food and clothes and we cannot participate in life in any manner becuase we are not aloowed to speand our money on certian things . my god we are suppose to claim a birthday card if theres money inside so they can deduct it from our next check. theres no hope lefet none that i can see. you need money to live period. thats why we just exist without living i cant take a bus get a haircu go to a wedding or funeral have a birthday party i havent bough new clothes since we were in the 1900s i think 2999 was the last time i shopped for new clothes. thats a memory lost now. i cant believe our god left us in this mess and keeps his face from us. what thte hel is it our fault for HE created satan not us. then he leaves us here with satan and goes away. good paretning god NOT! throwing his children amoungst the wolves is not what i call godly. or right. what would happen to you or me if we abandond our children amoungst wolves? wed be put in prison but god can make a devil sentence us all to live here with satan nthen condem us for being in a bad situation without means to live. yea thanks god. why doesnt he just destory satna anad let us free? cuz he wants to play games with our lives. im fed up like fed ex. so full of nohting thats all there is left now. im beatne down and crippled by lack of money that all i do is blink swallow and go to bed then start all over again wake up blink swallow breath go back to bed. same for enetnity nothing will EVER change we are sentenced to die here by satna which God made a let loose to kill us all. seems a bit selfish on gods part just to play head games with our lives for satans fun. we live in hell and theres problay no heaven either its all bullshit fed to us im sick and tored of living this way. you dont even get rewarded till your dead so hows that work? dead ppl that i know are still in the ground completely silent no treasures. fuck it all im done with religion i am not buying this bullshit sotry anymore its all a fucking farse.

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