A Moment of Solace

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14 thoughts on “A Moment of Solace

  1. im so fed up and disgusted at man kind. this is a shitty life we are forced to live . i dont know why im still here on earth i can find no purpose for my existance other than to suffer. im so sick of this boring shitty half existance i am going on circles looking for a meaning to it all. like a caged bird.

    • So much for a moment of solace… My Mingtea! You are a gift to me! You are free from raising children now. Why not go back to school, like you were mentioning before! I went back to complete my high school and I’m so glad now, that I made that decision! It’s such a confidence builder, and so many friendly and interesting people to meet! Anyway, I thought it was a great idea! It’s one way out of the cage, that’s for sure! Pick a path, wisely, and follow it. The best part of living is in the exploration of something new. Now’s your chance to do something constructive for yourself. You should take it!

  2. i went back to skewl and went to college, i need something to do thats free i already walked up down and sideways all over town alone. biked out to nature plenty of times year after year after year after year, alone. im sick of alone . i need something tho just dont know what but money would be helpful.

    • I wish I had a million dollars Missy! Really I do! You know I’d loan you $20 if you’ll sign over your cat, and my usual 12.7 % interest on the principle, per minute… Tick, tick, tick, tick! LOL! Akunamatada! I have a sneaky submission, that the common, cockroach, will out live the greedy! Now that’s what I call revenge; stopped in their tracks by the lowest of the low…

  3. thanks for the good intension with the load. lol i am hunting for 50 cents today to get a pack of smokes. were planning thanksgiving dinner everybody will bring a meal componant and get our feedbags on on october 13th. im also on the hunt for a small couch for my living room. im going to check stretch on cheque day. right now its hard to hang on that last week of thte month its always like this every month. i need a hobby that i can make a little money at. like making jewelery or something. but i dont know how to do that so i need something that i know how to do. i wish i could make a living off photographs but i dont know how to do much execpt be a mother and housewive. i dont know much else. sure want more out of my life tho. im sick of doing everything alone i hope to find some friends or friend to do things with my favotire thing to do is bike out to the woods or beach take photographs but after doing that alone for the past 10 years im sick of it. need some new ppl in my world i think.

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