The Truth

Finding a Happy Medium

No, I don’t mean you should set up a Weegee Board (This Dictionary is CRAP!). There’s a real dilemma here!  If you trust people too much, you most certainly will be deceived.  And if you don’t trust them enough, you most certainly will be alone.  LOL!  You would think there is no solution to this kind of problem, yet there is!

You’ve heard the saying: ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!’  And why do you think people say that?  It’s because some people catch on to deception right away, and because they’re this clever (Street wise), they set about deceiving the deceiver, not to stop them from deceiving others.  Not at first.  This is just a sprout to catch a Mackerel.

You do this so they will have to approach you in an honest matter, or they will get the same treatment.  If they run away with they’re tail between their legs, they’re not ready, though at least you’ve taught them not to kid a kidder…  If they stay, now you have a student you can teach better ways to achieve their goals and then release them back into the sea of humanity, with a buddy (Snitch), so you can monitor their progress.  If it sticks, you have a new friend.  This may sound like a lot of trouble to go about changing the world, but it’s fool-proof, and it works :O)

The Truth

Funny how you want to here the truth when it serves your needs, but not when it means you should work on your faults so that you might become a better person toward others.  There’s always room for improvement, and I have news!  That’s the kind of world we’re presently developing, so you may just as well take that look inward, and trust me, As do I, all the time, you’ll find lots about yourself that does need work.  Now what’s the problem with this type of outlook and how can we see this in a light that improves upon our own Judgment of other people and their problems?  Or is it that: ‘YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!’  Hmmmm?  No one here is perfect.  You know?


Humans are too easily mislead…

We can’t judge one another.  Our sense of Judgment and fair play is warped somewhat; a law for the rich and a law for the poor, is a very fine example of how we have this annoying, tendency to twist facts, exaggerate the truth and rationalize that lies are the REAL truth…  That most certainly are NOT!

So how can we improve upon this very backward play of human nature?  Quite simply, we need to take a much deeper look at ourselves.  And once this tendency to over-react or under-react will disappear and allow your mind to understand what is or not being said, more clearly to improve upon your comprehension skills!  And here’s the good part.  As we change ourselves, so too will society.  

I know it sounds so painful for you to hear, cuz it’s all so negative to you and all that CRAP!  We are living in a negative world so you’d better grow up soon to dealing with this fact, before it comes up and bites you on the ass!  OK?  You know no paradigm ever changes unless more than 50% of the populace agrees…  I’ve yet to even here a yawn from you!  It just shows the shear tonnage of ignorance I’m dealing with here!

There’s strength in numbers!


Look, we’re all a bunch of Luna-pics anyway!  You should be expressing your fears about this world and how we might put our heads together to solve our mutual problems.  And you know there are many!  Or you can go on ignoring this and have more people invade your PC’s until we all don’t feel like owning a computer at all anymore.  OK?  See how they all look the same yet different? <Hint!>

You pick at the gnat, and avoid the Camel!  OK.  I’d rather be a Lama…  Still, you’ve got to swallow that big hunk of pride in yourself and get off your high horse!  OK.  If that horse is too high for you, then get off your low dog! (I’m dyslexic)…  All of this is nothing more than The Truth!  If you don’t want to play, don’t come here…  This is a blog, not a Museum!

I can’t make you respond of corpse…  You’re getting very sleepy!      Zzzzzzzzzz!   Zzzzzzzzzz!


4 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. you said it none of us are perfect. its always easier to see what other people need rather than our selves. ive changed for other people many times but its not reciprocated. sometimes you have to pull up your boot starps and move ahead without the emotional anchors that bind us. Lets face it, for some people we can never be good enough but as long as you can look at yourself and sleep at night your doin ok in this messed up confusing world. too many ppl want to talk behind your back instead of saying hey i noticed that you sometimes do this or that mabey something new would work better. if we cant help each other be better persons what good is a friendship? i know that when you have a chronic illness or more than one, life is a struggle at best. we need to encourage and support each other to reach our goals. the world is too difficult to go it alone. we need each other for kind words and understanding support. im all for it. just getting others onboard is the hard part. thanks for todays thought inspiring blog darrinski. i enjoy the reads here. have a great day . how did your poor kitty cat die? thats so sad im sorry for your loss. she was an awsome cute kitty .

    • I think you’ve expressed it better in just this one statement: ‘pull up your boot starps and move ahead without the emotional anchors that bind us.’

      You should really set up your own blog! Are you sure you don’t need some help? Anyway, you’re more expressive than I… You’re easy to read yet thoughtful in the process. Everyone can see your wheels turning (See how those hub caps glisten in the sun)! LOL! Anyway: ‘Here’s looking at you kid!’ – Bo Regard. Of all people, I knew you’d respond; you and my two: ‘like’ friends below. Hmmmm… Three friends… Hey! That’s better than I’m doing in real life! LOL!

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