Helping The Needy…


What do you think of when you think of Caregivers?  You think of some young girl, who looks like Mini Driver tending to some old, Battle-Ax.  Right?  And when I looked up: ‘pictures of care-givers’, That’s just what they show, is a bunch of young people looking after Old Farts…

Well I’m here to tell you that Care-giving has been stereo-typed to belong to only young females, looking for Tuition money. I’ve been a Caregiver all of my life.  And although I’m male and 62 years old, that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of others.  I take care of Leslie and all her needs, and she’s only 58!  I take care of Bonehead, who comes here everyday for all of his needs: TV, cigarettes, food…  It all adds up!  He likes specialty channels.  Hehehehehe…


Because she can’t walk around without her cane, she confines herself to bed mostly.  So I must service her meals, help her take a bath, regulate her pills properly, do her laundry and go get all her confectioneries, cosmetics and Dainty Wipes…  Isn’t that being a Caregiver?  Not quite.

Because of her poor health Leslie needs a lot of hugs and reassurance, as well as encouragement and advice!  When a person becomes chronically ill, they quite naturally become afraid of what’s happening to them.  You have to be a source of strength for them, be ever present and on call at 3 am. if necessary…

When she does walk, she can fall at any time because she refuses to use her cane.  So I follow her until she’s seated.  She was in two separate car accidents, that complicated things that are already wrong with her.  They had to operate and had to twist her guts all around so everything would function properly.  

She has a rare form of eye cancer called something like: Hodgman’s Slodgeman’s Disease.  Blind as a bat!  Uses her own sonar too…  She has a broken back, a broken arm, and two bad knees!  She also has Fibromyalgia. (Stupid Dictionary)!  And some kind of virus that leaves little, purple dots all over her body!  At times, I can get her to fetch the paper, or beg for treats, but basically, she can only creep around on rare occasions, like bathroom breaks.  Thank Dog!  (I’m Dyslexic).

Doctors don’t give her enough pain meds, to kill all the pain she has, and so she suffers a lot.  Of corpse Doctors must have their puppet strings pulled by The Canadian Government now, and is only a lotted a certain number of pills and that’s it.  I do think that’s terribly wrong, cruel and unusual punishment!  Oh but if they ever get sick (Government Officials), sky high’s the limit!  With all the wrong in this world, they punish invalids?  Nice going…  You should all be shot with slow, infective, painful bullets, so that you linger and suffer, like you make others do!

Where’s my Paycheck?

caregiver (1)

I have a Title that fits along side of: ‘Doctor’ and ‘Radio Lab Technician’.  I save lives too!  So where’s my woppingly huge paycheck then?  That’s right!  We do it for FREE because nobody offers us a paycheck…  And unless you’re a Caregiver yourself, you have no idea how involving this is!  And it’s a 24 hr. a day job as well…  ’24 Hour Service’!

I ask for very little reward.  Perhaps a ‘Hi!’ now and again would help?  ‘I liked your blog!’ maybe?  A LIKE???  OK well…  Will you throw me a peanut every now and then?  Hey!  I know!  You know?  I could feature your story about how you care for the Slob you got stuck with!  You should put people to good use ya know.  Else-wise, we may just evaporate!  Meeya!  See?

adult helping senior in hospital


3 thoughts on “Caregivers…

  1. care givers need breaks to rejunivinate themselves. care givers need to get taken care of too so that they dont burn out from it all. this is what single mothers deal with everyday on their own as well. Being a single mother myself for years and years i know how draining it is. If asked most children or caregivers patients would rather a frazzeled caregiver reather than a caregiver who takes a day or two to feel free from stress. You must take time for yourself or you could become resentful bitter worn out and frazzeled. do everything you can to reward yourself cuz your patient would likley praise you or reward you. Having good times and happiness is a possibility as long as you put yourself first. and the chronically ill second with your best self at the frontline. some ppl are just too needy to meet one caregivers demands too its normal to have a couple caregiver trade off days so they can get some free time to relax. two or more ppl can step in to help out when needed if you have another helper let them take over for a couple hours if ya can.

  2. That’s exactly what I do. Since Rome is here every day, I get him to stand in for me. In fact, he’s been a lot of help of late! Right now, she wants to go to the Hospital because the needle they inserted into her spinal cord didn’t go well! Now she can’t walk at all, and I should probably go with her so she doesn’t fall on her face…

  3. i know i couldnt do it anymore id rather have a companion to do things with rather than baby sit them. too much work for me, best wishes to you guys.

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