Rant# 4



Who was the Einstein who said: ‘Chaos is the most ordered form in the Universe?  OK.  It was probably Einstein.  I’m just not made that way though.  I need to know where everything is, and get confused enough even so!  Clutter makes me shutter because it confuses me and makes me feel like my own home has been turned into some kind of hideous Shopping Plaza!

Human Zombies!


And they’re all over the place!  Here we have one typing a note to his Mummy: ‘Sorry I can’t see you now Mummy, but I’m up to my neck in work!’  People are only promoted to the position they can’t master.  Add to this, most people aren’t thinking of being a Professional burger flipper anyway.  They just wanna get their paychecks and go home…

It really and truly bugs me that people world-wide are dying while someone continues to polish their nails instead of answering an urgent phone call!  A lot of Supposed Secretaries servicing severely ill patients refuse to answer the phone around where I live.  I can’t speak for your region, though I don’t doubt there’s still good care around…

We Ruin All We Invent!


I’m just using The Internet and computers as just one example.  There are a lot of things out there that once humans have time to muck around with it a bit, they screw it up for everybody!

Remember when everything on The Internet was free?  Now that’s kind of hard to find amidst all the commercials and commerce!  Now instead of calling it: ‘The Information Highway’, why not shoot for: ‘The biggest Shopping Plaza’ on Earth, because that’s what we’ve turned it into.  We took something good, and turned it into a three ring Circus of pop ups and viruses, and Hackers, and Malware, and Microsoft, an entire escaped criminal Organization directing your life, and you have an instant recipe for: ‘How many ways can we turn this into garbage?’

The Greedy Want It All!

Global Wealth 2

Pay particular attention on the left side of the graph. 68.4 % of the entire world population earn less than 10,000 US dollars. Now look at the very top of the chart at people that earn more than 1 million dollars US, and it’s only 0.5 % of the entire world population that own that much or more.  That’s outrageous!  And I heard that there are only 83 Billionaires in the world.  Right…   How about passing down a few yen to us poor Plebeians eh?

The rich, by their very nature, will finally start consuming themselves, long after the rest of us have all starved to death, been poisoned or shot…  They want it all!  And they’ll get it too! 


8 thoughts on “Rant# 4

  1. I dislike clutter…there for I no longer dust 🙂 haha….and I thank you for the lovely photos on the other blog I saw….mountain streams…..but where are the girls? Just kidding my friend… 🙂

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