Holistically Tying One On (Part 5)

How our bodies express attitude…

A lot of you for whom enjoy the Peeping Tom side of WordPress, don’t think for even a moment that I don’t know you.  I know you very well!  Every Spring like clockwork, I find myself saying to my inner sanctum, [There goes Barney Rubble; taking his rubble to the trash.  And look over there!  There’s Betty Rubble; banging the carpet with her fork, to get the rubble out of it!]

Then I ask myself why it is, that these two supposedly neighborly people keep their house, their dog, their kids and their car in good shape (Admirable qualities to be sure!), yet when it comes to themselves, they smoke cigarettes and pot on top of that! The occasional drink becomes weekend binges!  And lately the computer and the TV have become your main pass-time involvements, which pass more time than involvements…   Time to take your 700 pills!  Good grief!  What a sin…

I’ve seen you there, after midnight, with your head stuck in the fridge, wondering why you still can’t see your toes, in spite of all this dedication you’ve put in, avoiding the problem!  What you are suffering from, is a dad attitude fueled by rationalizations that bad things only happen to the other guy and never to you; a stupid premise based upon shear conjecture: ‘ORDER IN THE COURT!’ (Smacks down large, titanium mallet on soft, Styrofoam.)  <Poof…>

It IS a moral matter!


This is an approximation of what I feel, a typical male might resemble, in this before and after picture…  See how thin you can become if you just shave off your mustache?  LOL!

You have a moral obligation to take at least as good care of yourself as you would your dog, your kids, your home or your car.  These are just things!  Well, except for your kids of corpse…  Yet what do you feed them but what you eat?  And what do they do but play video games?  So naturally, they begin to resemble you.

The right thing wood bee to respect and take proper care of your health, which sets the example for others and gives them a goal to reach as well!  Doesn’t that make more sense than dying young and feeling like CRAP all the time?

I once saw a bumper sticker that read: ‘Exercise, eat well, get plenty of sleep, and die anyway!’  What it fails to tell you is when you’ll die, the quality of life you’ll lead and how science now plays a critical role in life extension.  Having an enthusiastic and determined and consistent discipline, as is a ‘spirit of calm, love and forgiveness!’  These things too are all important, to keep your body from releasing harmful chemicals into your system.  

From time to time, I’ll update you on my own progress.  That’s about all: ‘You may as well like yourself.  Just think about all the time you’re going to have to spend with you!’  – Jerry Lewis (The Nutty Professor)


 A little goes a long way!

This woman has lost 33 pounds and just look at the difference!  I have lost 40 pounds (down from 220 lbs. at the time I uploaded pictures of me two years ago, yesterday.  I just got my congrats from The WordPress gang of thugs.  Thank you so much rich people…

I now weigh in at 180 lbs. have kept the weight off successfully for two years now, and am quite proud of my achievements thus farly!  And I always feel alert an well…  Just terrific!  I’ve given you everything you’ll need to work with.  You have nothing to loose but weight, and of corpse the admiration and respect of all who surround you.  Isn’t that what you want?  Admiration and respect?  Why not get up off your chair shaped butt and start right away?  Best of fortune to you all!

Retraction:  Do not take the ‘Greens Plus’…

    Do not take the Greens Plus if you have any kind of serious mental condition.  It has 1 gram of caffeine in it, and will send you through the ceiling!  Of corpse, if you’re used to drinking twelve cups of coffee a day, go right ahead…  LOL! 


2 thoughts on “Holistically Tying One On (Part 5)

  1. someone had shit on my day from the minute i opend my eyes this morning. its sending out “bad chemicals” all through out my mind and body. i feel shaken up now and thats a yucky feeling to try to get rid of i think i might try goin for a walk to see if it helps restart my day over again with peace and happy thoughts instead of someone elses’ crap ruining my health. thank you for the encouragement . we all need that.

    • It’s so refreshing to enjoy a nice Mingtea before breakfast… I never get around to breakfast until supper mostly. It’s kind of pointless to say anything now. That day has been and gone.

      Sorry I got to this so late. That’s what I’m doing right now, is looking back to all my posts. I’m discovering there’s new (old) comments there, I was unaware of. So I’ve been trying to find and answer them. Here’s hoping most of your days are better than this one was!

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