For What It’s Worth

Hoorah!  Hooray!  Congrats on being me;

How can so much BS, possibly smell so pure?

How much better could I possibly be;

In comparison to the rest of the manure?

That what I’m saying is only my own epiphany…

If it’s hard to believe, it’s only because it’s the truth;

Just sitting beside me can be such a thrill!

The rest of your friends are in lack of such proof;

That just breathing my air will give you your fill!

That what I’m saying isn’t just a tad aloof…

I know I am the greatest man on Earth;

That doesn’t mean you have to run away!

Stay for my love and wisdom to give birth;

Kneel to me and pray!

That what I’m saying, has really been what it’s worth…



One thought on “For What It’s Worth

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