Rant# 3


    Well the Head Honcho, The Big Cheese, The Fat Bologna that’s head of the Board of Dissectors, he said that older people weren’t important to consider anymore because we don’t buy all the newest rage from Tablets to Androids.  OK.  That’s fair enough, yet you Sneaks can’t put one over on me!  You took out Window’s XP, which you know was the most stable of all operating systems, just because it was useful to the poor, and age is not necessarily a factor here!  Why not one of your Security up the old dirt road systems, like Window’s 8, Mr. Money Bags?  A system where you can’t even load your own name up without it calling you a guest and turning Windows into a shell you can barley use!

You have to start all over again when you reboot!  It won’t save files or programs!  What good is that?  Who works there?  88 Fingers Louis?  What’s the big idea passing off your ‘Junk!’ operating system onto a public kept in secret until it’s release which was a big bunch of CRAP!  I don’t care who you ‘think’ you are, Bill Gates stinks, your security up the butt stinks, and your new operating system stinks!  Your prices stink, and so does your stinky logo!  Oooo!  Four colors!  How did you come up with that?  I’ll bet science was involved!  Your name has the odder of raw spewage!  Even your name suits you: ‘So ‘Micro’, that they can’t be seen, and so soft, that they can’t be heard!  Microsoft eh?  Monopoly is what you mean!  Windows would be much more user friendly without you, and so would I!



What the frack is the matter with you?  Are we all Fracking crazy?  What the flying frack did you think you’d accomplish by digging all these holes a mile down, all over the world?  Fracking, is a process by which people collect natural gas and is probably the death throws of the Fossil Fuel age.  Still, this process continues to release methane into the atmosphere, long after you’re through using them!  They say that only 1 in 20 holes are doing that.  Yes, yet there are approximately 1.8 million of these holes in the US alone!  These things are all over the world.  That adds up to a lot of ‘1 in 20’ holes spewing methane into the atmosphere.  Don’t do that CRAP MAN!

That’s a lot of methane when you consider animal farts along with all this methane that was once trapped in the rock.  You’re turning this place into Venus, you big bunch of  Hothouse Dummies!  It poisons our water, our air, the ground!  Did I miss anything?  Will you ever stop fracking up this planet?  You make a bunch of pot holes over fault lines, and what do you think will happen come the next big earthquake?  California is especially asking for trouble!  Here’s a good site to read about what this is doing to us :

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_impact_of_hydraulic_fracturing_in_the_United_States  And below is a map of all the places they are fracking so far.  So Frack you, and everybody who looks like you!  Home wreckers!



4 thoughts on “Rant# 3

  1. could call one a “Rainy day rant” we’re gettin a drizzle today. its not too bad outside tho. I was looking forward to going for an evening stroll but mabey not if its still raining. feels good to go out walkin. recharges me and resets the record so speak on the day . whenever i go out and come back its like a day reset button to start a new part of the day over again. i was already out to a couple stores today but i only had about $6 bucks to work with so the next walk will be the broke middle of the month walk, to brace myself for this second half of the month to restart in survival mode till the end of the month cuz were broke again, but for some nickles. I really miss my MP3 player for using in my spare time. music really does sooth ones soul and revive good thoughts and memories. I need to get my music dose up up up to get myself steady again back on my feet to get through the next couple weeks somehow, with chronic pain fatigue, poverty blah blah blah you know the routine. im sure. lol thankful to the Lord for another day to enjoy all his wonderious works in real time life. once again he restes me to renew anad rejoice in his holy name. hope you have a good day yourself today. i havent had the courage or sustainance to get my own blog yet so i;ll visit by here again to see whats new. stay in touch. say hello to everyone for me. I have a nice family bible i want to give you as a blessing on your house and loved ones. (including the furry ones ). Its the new testiment a different kind like youve never seen before i got one for myself and one to give a friend . next time your around drop in for a second i will give it to ya. peace out.

    • Certainly, the next time I can keep us both out of trouble, I’ll drop by for a visit. lol! I think I have $1.27 in the Bank… Money is transitory for the rich as well I hear. Only, they don’t have to suffer for want of a meal! We have to live like refuge’s in our own ‘rich and prosperous’ country. Who but The Government would kick the disabled while they’re down? No matter. If anything, we’re resourceful and more powerful in greater numbers, like 7 and 1.322…

      I may have a book for you as well. Me? I always try to keep busy. Moments I get pensive, moments like now, I find myself staring off into space, playfully reflecting on nothing and how much greater in power it is than everything. OK… That was supposed to make sense. I didn’t tell you our cat died. It was the female: Waffles :O( It was the silliest thing. We all cried for like 15 minutes, and then suddenly, life went on like normal. Kind of creepy. Eh?

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