Tennis: Women’s Final Upgrade!

    Oh this was not just any women’s final.  It was The most important Women’s final, that Serena would ever want to win, making it her 18th. Grand Slam victory and hence joining her in line with the other three legends of all time!  Let’s see if I can get this right.  I know Martina Hinges is one.  Chris Evert makes two.  And Maria Navatralova?  Help me with this!  There’s no one to help me with this :O(

So for Serena, it’s really an ‘Upgrade’, rather than an ‘Update’…  Her opponent, Carolina Wozniacki  (Hooray!  I spelled it right!  Why is there a Hoor in Hooray?)  At the risk of reiterating myself, Window’s Live Writer sure has a crumby dictionary!  I don’t dare color my words until after I’m finished my post!  Carolina was tight against her good friend, Serena!  She didn’t seem to be able to find her game  until late in the third set, and by that time, it was too late for Carolina from Switzerland, where some of the greatest players come from, like Federer and Lendel.  Carolina is still young enough to improve, where-as Serena, at 33 years of age, may still go on a few years to surpass these great legends, whoever they are…  LOL!

Serena was not to be denied!


Here she is just remembering that she forgot her keys in the car!

Serena was not just playing great Tennis today.  She was parlaying; at the best that anyone had ever seen her, serving 81% of her first serves in!  We all know she’s unstoppable at 70%, but 81% is quite simply outstanding!  She defeated Wozniacki in two straight sets (No!  They were crooked sets!), 6-3, 6-3, forcing Carolina to run for the ball twice as often as she had to, not even out of breath until near the end…


Form, Endurance, and Precision!


Here’s a picture of Serena waving goodbye to the ball…  Don’t you think she looks a lot like Sidney Poitier here in: ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?’

Believe it or not, that ball is heading straight for her racket.  C’mom!  I mean, it would be awfully hard to pose for the cameras this way wooden it?  At this point, she wood bee just about ready to extend her arm back in this picture.  Looking at her arms and legs, I think she could probably beat me up…  After a few Martinis…  And suddenly being stuck blind… (This implements clause number 18 of: ‘The Men’s Protection’ code:  ‘No man can intentionally be beat up by a woman!’  Of corpse, there are extenuating circumcisions…

While receiving their Trophy and Serving Dish…


Wozniacki  : ‘You know when you served that last ball?  It made me fart!’

Serena not only walked off with $4 million dollars in play money, she also received a gift from a friend of a honking sized 18 carrot gold bracelet from Tiffanies (An expensive Jewellery  Store in New York city.), with the number 18 engraved in it.  Looks pretty cule!  You can kind of see that they’re friends.  You don’t now if they’re showing off their awards, or the tooth paste they use…

In her acceptance speech, Serena’s first words were: ‘I’d just like to thank Jehovah God!  Without Him, this wouldn’t have been possible for me!’  Then, in Arthur Ashe stadium, the biggest stadium on Earth, filled to capacity, all you could here after that were crickets!  LOL!  I believe that’s called: ‘A pregnant silence.’  They only tolerate her religious convictions, and promptly let her know that. 

Why should Serena care?  She has her friend with her, $4 million dollars in promissory notes, a big, fat silver Trophy, and an 18 carrot bracelet that says you’re now among the prestigious elated of Tennis; quite literally, the best that has ever played Tennis!   And today, she showed us she’s got more in the tank than she’s been letting on!  Don’t miss the unusual men’s match tomorrow at 5pm. (Eastern Standard) time, between Kei Nishikori  and Marin Cilic.  If it so happens that you must miss it, I will cover it here, for you five people who don’t have recording equipment…


3 thoughts on “Tennis: Women’s Final Upgrade!

  1. i hate my life i wish i was never born. im a fat ugly stupid usless looser. im worthless. my tears have no value. im hopless i give up.

    • Hold on Melissa! What’s happening? All those words are not you! Look. You know what I would love? Let’s the two of us go down to the lake tomorrow. You don’t have to talk about it or explain anything! I could bring a lunch! Do you like Sardines? LOL! C’mon… Getting out where you can breathe and just take stock of thing can sometimes put things back into perspective. You should phone me though. You’ve changed your number? Anyway, I can’t reach you with the one I have now. Stop being silly. You’re one of my favorite people on the planet! I hope it’s not my post that’s affected you this way :O(

  2. i just need some PQQ i guess my depression gets the better of me sometimes. thanks for your kindness. it feels like a crule world sometimes.

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