Rant# 2

I’ve got rants in my pants!

Why do I let so many things bother me?  It’s because I do really care about the shear tonnage of CRAP people have to put up with.  I also know, if it bothers me, it more than likely bothers you because these things are all ubiquitous to most people richer than rodents.  I just feel that unless people complain, there’s no way of rectifying things that get mass produced and then become a nuisance to us!  My bread comes out of my toaster the same way it goes in; untoasted!  That’s the only setting it has!  And the crumb trays won’t stay on, giving me a Cumby counter top!  Why don’t they just come right out with it on the label: ‘Unworking Toaster for cheap person!’

Juicing makes me wanna Vomit!

It could be the three cloves of garlic I throw in cuz garlic is a strong irritant, and at the same time, providing a handy poison for the tip of your bullets.  I’d guzzle down my massive soup bowl chocked full of everything on the planet that uses Chlorophyll.  Then I go sit in my Easy-Boy and start to sweat profusely, accompanied by a strong, nauseous sensation.  Then a start going: ‘AWWWK!’ ‘AWWWK!’

I did however, discover the secret to preventing juicing sickness.  It works the same way when you take too much niacin, open up all of your capillaries, turn you red as a beet, and you itch all over your body!  Yet it is relieved quickly, with a simple slice of whole wheat bread!  So, as soon as you guzzle down your big, fat load of juice for the day, in just 2 short minutes, eat something with fibre in it!  Like fruit!  An apple and a 3 ton bag of grapes should do it.  Well, just a few clumps really….

Pot has a mind of my own!

The psychological addiction to pot have profound and long reaching implications for me.  It turns out I’m allergic to the stuff!  Certainly, at first, I felt leaning over the bathroom sick gagging for an hour and a half was worth the mood enhancing effects of pot, but after years of it, you do become convinced else-wise.  For one thing, it hampers my lung capacity when I exercise, resulting in my being unable to reach my full potential.  I suppose I’m fortunate in some way, because all that mucus was also carrying what looked like slime covered carcinogens to me!  Anyway, I’m now down to 9 tons a day, brought in by United Emirates Airlines…  LOL! 

When I do quit, and I’m almost psyched up for it now, I just feel it’s too soon after I quit drinking.  You know how everybody says: ‘If you quit everything at once, you die of cleanliness!’  Well allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mud!

In the mean time, what I could do, is buy one of those vaporizers.  They only give you the THC, and discard the carcinogens!  They do cost about $200, but it might be worth it to begin saving my poor, tired, lungs right away!  It’s just a band-aid for now.  However, my endurance and stamina will definitely improve!  And THAT, is another victory against aging so quickly…  Holy Cow!  (as opposed to an unholy Cow!), this has been a pretty productive rant all in all  Kneel and pray to me!!!



9 thoughts on “Rant# 2

  1. i cant figure out why your brief visit here had the Madman at my door again screaming at me. he got me directly out of bed and had a mexican standoff in my kitchen, for nearly 40 minutes,yelling at me sticking his finger up in my face making threats and wouldnt leave and go scream at you but he picks on a help less widow im disabled and live with disabled ppl but he comes here insead of yellinng at another man. Tell your wife i dont want to cheat with you . you came and discussed vitamins. please dont bring drama here. if you want to visit us here , we love visitors, but please dont run and tell the Madman you were here cuz hes a jelous nut case and hes dangreous. my sons lock themselves in the back room and leave me there alone trying to get this physco out of my house. im sick of the madman coming to my home and abusing me till he feels like leaving. dont tell him anything about my life please this is making problems for me now. and for my sons who hide away not helping me. stay away from that lunitic or be his friend its up to you but im not his friend and i dont want him up here threatening me and abusing me in front of my neighbors and landlord. im not putting up with his threats and verbal psychological abuse anymore. i mean it let him go scream at a man he gets out of bed. not me. im helpless here alone.

    • Yeah! I got into a big pile of doo doo for it that lasted all day and all night! Don’t worry! I have no intention of speaking to him ever again…

      I’m deeply sorry it caused you grief as well. I went there cuz I was mad at Leslie, had already been on my run and had no place else to go. Big mistake!

  2. you’re welcome here anytime buddy. i enjoy a nice visit from time to time. other ppl are quick to loose their marbles over nonscence lol….. i noticed the local drug store has q10 and co q 10 i wondered whats the differenece?

    • They’re both the same. One is saying: ‘co-efficient Q-10.’ And the other is just saying: ‘Q-10.’ Even if they do carry the 200 mg. size, they’re more expensive there… Besides, they still need to be taken in concert with PQQ. Where you buy what of corpse, is up to you.

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