Holistically Tying One On (Part 4)

Calorie Restriction

    Your average Neanderthal was not the brightest match in the book.  He survived primarily on meat, and lived to an average age of 27!  Well here’s your chance to out smart a Neanderthal!   This perhaps doesn’t truly qualify as a ‘(Part 4)’ because it is about having the discipline necessary to stop doing something to promote longevity, instead of something you have to do.  Although it’s backwards, it truly qualifies!  Now here we stand, after 4 million years of progress, with hamburger in hand, yet still able to employ a calorie restricted diet.  Wow!  Just saved the hamburgers!  And even the odd steak is aloud.  I’m not talking about what you eat so much as how much you eat, how often…  Do you eat to live, or live to eat?

You have to restrict yourself to two thirds of your present food consumption.  This should be made easy, if you’re already juicing and using the leftover fibre in soups!  Sometimes, poochy eggs on 12 grain toast may be all you’ll need for breakfast.  Have a vegetable juice and a tin of mackerel for lunch.  It has twice the Omega 3 of Sardines, and a much more pleasant taste and smell.  LOL!  For supper, Maybe a nifty fist sized portion of Turkey would go good with some cauliflower or broccoli, a glass of ice water about a half hour later, with enough ice to cause brain freeze, and guzzle it down; now you’re burning calories, without doing anything! 

Drink four glasses a day, but stop after 8 pm. or you’ll be going pee in your sleep!  Yes, it will greatly slow down the aging process, with less work for your system to do.  Just like a car that’s kept in good condition, you don’t run it into the ground!  Parts of the body involved in digestion, like the stomach, oesophagus, Kidneys, Liver, colon, bladder, and all the cells in your body have less work to do, and so, you wear out more slowly…  I can’t promise results like this:

little child baby

By 2050, results like this will be possible though!

The problem for many of us Baby Boomers, and there are many of us now, is getting to that period in time to begin with!  That’s why what I’ve been requesting you to do for yourself all along, is so important to you, but you can’t just jump into this!  You have to start gradually, and you have to start now!  With a restricted diet, juicing, taking, powerful supplements, vigorous exercise, and sanitary napkins, it can be done!  LOL!  Actually backwards, people prefer to take a cold shower after exercise.  That will just close up your pores and dirt and bacteria with it. 

A hot bath not only presents an excellent opportunity to sweat more and get more toxins sucked out, but is flavourful to drink if you add ice tea and cucumber.  LOL!  Seriously though, you can add that to your bath water and your skin will take it in.  I have wipes myself, for after I bath as well!  I wipe my face and neck with a handy wipe that contains aloe vera and vitamin E.  Then I rub in something called: ‘H20 facial cream utility for men!’  It has aloe and E as well as C and A and sea minerals.  Not costly at all.  Your skin is a living and breathing organ that needs attention outside, as well as in.  Water is best for ‘in’ and ‘out…’


What if something goes wrong and you end up looking like this instead?


Not to worry.  Akunamatada…  Being happy fits in well with being young!  This simply means another chance to adapt a better altitude toward life because you’d still have your memories, wisdom, compassion and youthful exuberance.  Time to do more sooner for yourself!  Time to have many generations of grandchildren around you!  Time to see a new and better world develop, free, from poverty, pollution, hate, war, injustice, crime and death.  You don’t want this?  Staying fit, is a 24 hour a day job!  It isn’t a few but many things you will find in your new life and freedom!  Plus, who needs money when you have time.  After all: ‘Time IS money!’  Nutrition is life!  Don’t let it pass you by…  We’re talking about your Health!  Remember that?  Put A535 or something on your stiff muscles.  You’ll survive!  Trust me, you won’t enjoy dying, piece by piece!  And spiritual awareness will help your altitude along as well; the means to do it all, are in your hands, right now.  Won’t you at least try?  I would if I were you!  Then again, I’m not…



7 thoughts on “Holistically Tying One On (Part 4)

  1. someone told me to destress by using the phrase F.I.S.H. Fk it shit happens. and imagine letting all the bullcrap fall off your shouldres right to the ground. just say FISH. 😀

    • The mind has an uncanny way of doing just what you tell it to do. If I’m feeling in a stable or better, a happy mood, my body releases good chemicals, productive to my body. If i’m in a sour mood, my body releases chemicals harmful to my body. This is all dependent on attitude… Or more rightly, how we cope with adversity.

    • BTW, every morning when I awake and thank Jehovah for another day of life, I then stretch my arms as high as I can and go down and grab my ankles with that yoga pose you showed me. Feels awesome! Great rush of oxygen to the brain, free of charge :O)

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