At The Sound of The Shot!


‘At the sound of the shot, please leave a brief message, and my Undertaker will get right back to you…’  Continuing along the lines of my fabulous theory, that we all think backwards, I entertained myself to another grueling, late night Tennis Match.  If my beady,  little tired eyes can recall,  The entire men’s Quarterfinals between Federer (who just keeps getting betterer!) and Monfils, a high jumping, wood bee basketball player.  I do have to give Monfils an A for effort!  If he’d just of had stopped jumping around so much, he might have had enough energy left to beat Betterer!  You do know what backward Tennis is don’t you?  It’s: ‘I broke you! You broke me! I broke you, and so on…  Still, by 3 am., I had to float to bed, dreaming of a white Chrimiss…

Even the light switch in the bathroom was put in backwards; the switch nearest to the door is the fan switch, and the switch next to it, is the light.  That’s backwards!  You want to turn on the light first so you find the fan switch, after you’ve deposited a few brown ones…  Speaking of brown ones, Monfils was seating and sliding all over the court, while Betterer Federer looked like he could have been enjoying himself at a cocktail party!

2014 US Open - Day 9


 looked like Monfils was expecting to get the blood drawn from him, to see if he was still capable of hitting the ball.  Monfils could have felt just a little bit unnerved facing a seasoned Champion like Betterer!  And you know what that face says: ‘I’m not gonna get that!’



Am I Dreaming or Playing Tennis?

Now that I’m playing the game myself, I’m getting a much better idea of what brain damage is really like; swinging though the air and hitting nothing but more air, falling flat on my butt, always toweling off because I can’t find a sweat band for love of money!  Maybe I’ll just make my own from cellophane wrap…  It just makes me wonder all the more how Federer does it.  How does he look like a cucumber in the fridge?



After managing to get the ball unstuck from his racket, he continued on with his day at the beach!  After winning,  Federer himself exclaimed how he was so uncertain of winning this match, Monfils having won the first two sets in a row!  Monfils had run out of bean gas by the end of the forth set.  He just looked completely exhausted!  So the cucumber goes on to the semi’s, and the jumping bean must settle for a large cash reward for loosing…  So backwards!




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