Rant # 21

I’m a Madman!

Just about everything pisses me off!  The fact that when you leave your heading and go into paragraph mode, you loose your color choice, now that pisses me off!  If it pisses you off, you must be mad too!  LOL!  And it really doesn’t help when your computer comes from the: ‘Stupid Factory’…   Here’s the secret:  As soon as you finish typing your Heading, quickly press enter, and by entering paragraph mode quickly, you’ll save your color choice. 

I hate Windows 8 with a passion!  It won’t even let me in as a user.  It calls me a visitor, and takes most of my windows privileges away!  Now I can’t save files, can’t load programs, my keyboard malfunctions after an a lotted time period, along with my mouse.  2 Days!  That means I have to reboot every two days, and start all over again, because even browser information is wiped clean.  So why should I even bother switching to: ‘Switch to the new posting experience’ because it will just go away in 2 days anyway.  I may as well just set up Live Writer again, as always. STUPID!

I fixed it once before by reloading windows, just asked for my serial number and everything was fine again.  Then when it lost it’s brain again, and I followed the same procedure, this time it asked me for my window’s 8 disk instead, which the people at the Stupid Factory never gave me!  And when I put it in sleep mode, IT WON’T WAKE UP!

Just living in itself is designed to kill me!

Just look some of the shear stupidity that went into our design as a human species!  We exercise to try and get thin, our body thinks because we lost calories, it says:  ‘I need more fat cells!’, secrets cortisone into your system and you end up gaining weight instead of loosing it!  Now what kind of stupid logic is that?  [THANKS FOR THE HELP!  I REALLY DEPRECIATE THAT!]  So you sacrifice your carnivorous instinct, give up Buffalo meat and confine yourself to turkey, chicken and fish.  Then all the carnivores call you a: ‘Sissy Vegetarian :O(

Enduring all this, while running my glutious maximus down to a skinny sack of hanging flesh, I get added stress from my computer, my spouse, my friends…  Yet it seams to be a crime that I like peace and quiet!  Even that I strictly control my diet, Leslie,  ‘My rock of assistance’, forces me to eat pork or we’ll fight all night long over that, and I get even more stress!  My best friend is a con man who lives here without paying, consumes everything that we do, and will never leave!  It’s like: ‘What About Bob?’ (if you recall ever having seen the movie, with Richard Dreyfuss the fag, and Bill Murry, the most prevalent irritant to Mankind!

Adults: Including me!

So I take extra potent, experimental, natural tonics and capsules that costs me upwards of $120 a month!  Hey!  That’s a lot for someone with $1.27 to spend!   Neanderthals were more fortunate than me!  They got to eat meat all day everyday and die at the age of 27.  Not me!  No!  I get revealed of my numbness, only to find it counteracts the effect of my depression pills, and I turn into a raging beast!  Hmmmm…  I must release even more stress then!

So I get my Con Artist friend (Bone Head) to play Tennis with me, and wouldn’t you know it?  He threw his back out; although, I’m not sure if he really threw his back out, or just wants to disarm me, so he can win next time, but that’s a separate post.  Since he’s not working and is 50 years old now, I thought it a good way to help him take off his ponchy gut as well…  I’m 62 so I have aches in pains in muscles I never new I had and am in pain too now. That’s OK.  Better than stress!

And too (poetic license  *) adults in general can be devious, resentful, jealous, stupid, greedy, emotionless and uncaring, regretful, undisciplined, sleepy and obnoxious…  Not to mention thieves, liars and murderers.  I’ll think up more impressive reasons why you don’t impress me much next time!  And why do people dump on you all the time?  I have enough problems of my own to solve everyday, without hearing the nagging and complaining about how tough life is.  I don’t wanna hear it!  Life is tough on insects!  GET OFF MY BACK!  Go dump on people who like to get dumped on!  Spread your wings and fly!  Don’t come near me!  I’m a Madman!



4 thoughts on “Rant # 21

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    • I always hate to be the barer of bad tidings. You know? Kings would chop your head off for that! Anyway, I tried to go to your new site and I just get the infamous ‘Page Not Available’ message. You need to revamp something, and then test it out by going to yourself. I’ll check it again in a day or two… Don’t dismay! More work on it will just bring you to a better understanding.

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