It’s Official: Britain has joined the war effort…

Canada Can Help!

Certainly we will provide catering trucks with plenty of hot-dogs, hamburgers, and soda pop, rich in brain killing sugar…  We’ll deliver you a pizza, courtesy of some wounded front line Solder who just walked back to use the ‘Johnny on The Spot’ and we’ll sucker him into bringing you your Pizza!  OK?  Also: ‘I am stuck on band-aid, cuz band-aid’s stuck on you!’  Plus, we wouldn’t mind a small donation of women’s nylons, donated to a Canadian Brothel of your choice.  

As for constitutional support, we have a plethora of trained Canadian Psychologists, dressed like Jehovah’s Witnesses, so please don’t shoot them!  They’re there to comfort you and read bed-time stories.  And we’ve even thought of entertainment as well!  Pokey The Clown has agreed to juggle hand grenades, and honk his nose at the enemy, immediately after mortar fire :O)

Britain has stepped up it’s terrorist threat warning to ‘Sever’ because of ISIS attacks, and Obama said he basically has no plan in place to assist them.  So Britain chimed back with: ‘We will always defend our borders!’  Anyway, here’s the scoop on ISIS from the man himself, President Obama:



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