Tennis Elbow Anyone?

A Backward Update…

    You know how I’ve been telling you how we do everything backward? : For instance, Iceland is green, and Greenland is ice…  Go figure.  This is why I’m bringing you this update between  Milos Roanic and Roger Federer, at The South Western Open, which for me, was about a weak back.  So why do they call it The South Western Open when it’s held in Ohio, a northern state in the east?  Anyway, The U.S. Open starts tomorrow…


Milos likes to taste the ball before he hits it.  What bothers me is why in the second and third sets, he consistently hit his first serve into the net?  And I mean, every single one, just about…  And why he went from 6-2 in the first set, to 6-3 in the second set, to 6-0 in the third set?  Whatever made him think he could rally with Federer?  He should have power shot his way through like he always does, but failed to keep it in the court!  Backwards!  That’s all I have to say about it…

Here Comes The Fun Part!

My best friend Bonehead, or Antonius as you know him, and I, each bought a ‘Wilson’ (They’re the best!) graphite tennis racket from our country’s poverty stricken Thrift Store for $10 each!  And mine even has a cover!  Yes I know I’m sixty two and have a bad back and so does he, and this whole thing is backwards…

And as I ran by the park, what do I see in the very back, but two Tennis Courts open to anyone and always deserted!  So I’m not only doing this to prove to my community that yes indeed, we do want a couple of free Tennis Courts, but to prove to you that you can open up a whole new world, just by trying to be healthy!  And being healthy, is the best thing you will ever do for yourself, guaranteed!  I read books!  LOL!

It’s also because I’ve given you instructional posts in the past about how to exercise alone.  Well here’s a way to exercise with others, and have fun at it too!  Hours will pass without you even being aware, you’re standing in a puddle of your own sweat, waiting for a serve.  I have never played Tennis in my life, but I’m willing to give it a shot.  Just one shot. Then I’ll probably get Tennis Elbow and go home…



10 thoughts on “Tennis Elbow Anyone?

  1. tennis will give your lungs a serious workout very good for your whole body actually. i couldnt run now even if something was chasing me. me aunt died over the weekend from smoking related illness she was nearly 62. im shocked about it.

  2. he was sticking his finger right in my face screaming at me making demands and trucking through my house like he owned it. screaming at me making threats but that finger up in my face with him screaming and swearing at me at the top of his lungs. i was terrified. i dont know what happened yet. he was violent and angry i was just sitting down to a satisfying day of coping with my pain and disabilities then he scared me to death out of the blue. i was shaken up after he left anad im still afraid and in the dark about whatever he was pointing at me screaming and threatening me for. i m confused by it and didnt deserve it i was having a ok day coping with my own life till he ruined it. by threating me and scaring me. he needs help. hes completely mental.

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