Rant # 16,622

Cats Order Me Around!

I have two grey cats; ‘Waffles’, a 50 year old female (in cat years), and a Nineteen year old male named: ‘Smokey’…  You can see how there might be a bit of a generation gap to begin with.  In the past, Waffles has exhibited some very possessive behaviour.  Sometimes Leslie, because ‘Sage’ (a feline cat we no longer have with us), for who Leslie thinks one of our evil neighbours killed her execution style, yet I am of the opinion that Sage was getting rather chubby, and was probably just hit by a car, and swept up by a careless, Janitor.), can’t re-establish a relationship with Waffles,  cuz she watches a lot of TV.  OK?  So I take care of both the cats needs, including the germ attraction, litter box!  Really, I’m a dog person!  An occasional Ostrich would be cule!

Anyway, the only ways you can tell the difference between them now, is by Waffle’s pathetic, moan of a meow, and Smokey has rings on his tail, but a nice glossy coat, cuz I feed him Whiskies!  Smokey must have his daily scatchings from me, or will let me know by standing rudely to my left, and meowing constantly, in a loud, demanding tone, until I must give in, and stop the whining now, before I go nuts!  If he wants out, it’s a soft meow while he circles my legs looking for mice, or he just craws in through the permanent hole in the bedroom screen.  I can’t fix it, cuz he just makes a new hole! 

On the other hand, Waffles hates Smokey, and only comes in to eat, always hissing at Smokey who has since even swatted her butt for mouthing off!  So, on rainy nights, I find myself at the front door, calling her name to no avail, only to have her knock on the door with that dismal whine of hers.  My cat is loved and playful and healthy.  Leslie’s is sick, skinny, and depraved, and blatantly refuses any attention at all.

I told Leslie, that unless she finds some way to make friends with Waffles again, Waffles will just die outside when the winter hits, or even before, with the cold and rain of the fall.  It’s do use though.  It’s like talking to her cat: in one ear, and out the other…

Police Brutality Toward Men!

I just saw on T.V. about The Paul Burnarardo and Carla Hamoka case.  Not only did Carla admit to participating in the murders of three teenage girls they  sexually assaulted and killed them, including her own sister. They had the whole freakish, thing on Video!  Yet Paul got life, and Carla got 12 years, and is walking out amongst us as I speak…  I watch a lot of those sick and disgusting shows and nearly every time, they are released early to romp and play with other unsuspecting victims while the males all rot in prison!  I’ve been stung by it myself; not as a criminal, but an innocent stand by, just in case the real criminal doesn’t show up… Is there something wrong with this picture?  Or is it hypnotic, fem, Fay-tell, charms, and good looks?  Or perhaps it’s that men just wanna have fu-un?  Men just wanna have fun!  That’s all we really want!  Most men in a position of authority, and power are hideous toward me, cuz right away they think: [Scaramouch!  Scaramouch!  He’s just a poor boy from a poor family!   Let him go!  Awk no Mam!  We will not let him go!]


I’ve seen you out there at night with your hoods on so nobody can see your faces, traveling in packs, like a bunch of hungry chipmunks!  You should be ashamed of yourselves, stealing candy from babies!  One of these days, I’m going to give you a free meal, just to show you how low you are!  That aught a teach’m!  And no video games for two weeks!  You do realize, you’ll have to be honest with me and do this part on your own…  Thank you in advance, Young Whipper Snappers…

What you see as a poor, stupid senile,, old bag, is not poor!  OK?  I know it’s so easy to just run by, steal her purse, and be confident that she won’t notice until she gets home to unlock the door.  Can’t you Ruffians see how pathetic, and helpless this senile, old bag really is?  Aside from taking her money, you’re also ‘getting off’ on her inhaler, and pricking unsuspecting fat, old men for a Diabetes test, and thinking it funny when they test positive!  Have you no human decency?  Can you not at least bring rubbing alcohol, and band-aids with you?  Taking her heart pills for the rush!  Using her hearing aid to scare the dog?  When we were young, we would actually swing a cat, rolled up in a sheet, tighter and tighter, until it began to squirm!  And then we’d take Polaroid’s, and laugh our guts out!   Since, I’ve learned my lesson, and stick to only crippling insects.


11 thoughts on “Rant # 16,622

  1. where can i make a blog for free? do you pay for yours? i tried to make a free blog then after i made it this ad pops up saying it will cost a dollar to keep it and the offer is only good for 70 hours or something like that. then the price will go up after that time frame. thats not fair it was suppose to be free? any ideas? i want to blog too about lots of differnet stuff its theroputic

    • Type into Google search: wordpress.com login Try to make your web-site name have something to do with what you like to talk about most, for more visitors right away. Then go to the ‘Dashboard’ and choose ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Themes’, choose a theme. Under Appearance, choose: ‘backgrounds’, it will allow you to choose an appropriate, and not distracting textile background that’s at least the size of your computer screen. Choose to follow (by virtue of a check-mark) my blog, and I will appear on your Reader, along with other people’s blogs you can read and comment on, if you like.

      To compose a blog: in your ‘Dashboard’ choose: ‘Posts’ and from the sub-menu, choose: ‘All Posts’. Then choose, at the top left hand side of the page: ‘Add New’ At the bottom right hand side of the page, you will see a list for creating categories to place your posts in. Make one you want to discuss about, and then place your finished post in your new category.

      At the very bottom right you will see a space to place tags. They must appear like so: Administrator,Alt,Andromeda, and so on, with no spaces between the words, using about 15 words in alphabetical order from your blog, so Google and other Internet search engines can trace your post. Use only meaningful words that express your post, especially from sub-titles. The rest will come to you as time passes. Those are the basics anyway. See you on my Reader, after I visit your post and choose to follow you on the top left hand side of the page :O)

  2. for example did you know that god did away with ten commandments cuz they were too hard to live by and jesus made only 2 commandments? you prolly know them.i wonder how many ppl know that we are not counted as family from adam but from abraham i just read it yesterday in the new testiment. that would make a good topic for discussion on a blog right?

    • Yes, and did you know there were originally 610 Commandments? For instance, if you didn’t was your hands from the elbows down before dinner, that was a sin… Abraham was to be air to our seed because Adam wasn’t worthy.

      Anything controversial is a good topic ;O)

  3. thanks i met one of your kittys she or he loved it when i talked and petted to her him very cute my cat is nearly identical to yours.

  4. Hi there, i read your blog from time to time and
    i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam feedback?
    If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any help is very much appreciated.

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