Holistically Tying One On (Part 3)


What a word: ‘Diet’!  I’ll bet most people over 30 cringe, and cower into a corner exclaiming: ‘I can’t diet!  I tried, and it only made me hungry!  LOL!  Proper diet doesn’t have to mean starving to death; a diet primarily comprised of fruits, vegetables and grains produces a state of greater alertness after you eat!  Where-as, a diet comprised primarily of meats, starches and junk food, make you sleepy, lethargic! 

Fruits and vegetables

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too…

I cheat sometimes…  I really used to crave: ‘cake and milk’.  Maybe once a week or so, I’ll treat myself to a bowl full!  That’s OK, as long as you don’t make it a habit.  Another thing I missed was ice-cream;  even that I’m allergic to it…  I now use frozen yogurt instead, and I’m back in ice=cream heaven, without the fat of cream, and yes, it still has a bacterial culture…

I thought I would have to sacrifice spaghetti and meat sauce because I didn’t like the idea of hamburger meat; contributing to all those farts.  It’s not right!  Besides which, turkey contains serotonin, which will still give you that dopey feeling we’ve all come to know and love…

I used to love the taste of butter!  Becel Margarine tastes a lot like butter.  I use the half the fat of real, low in fat Becel margarine!  Avocados’ taste a lot like butter too me thinks.

Going Nuts on Bread!

Bread will kill you faster than you can inflate a tire.  There are breads that are good for you now though.  I eat 12 grain bread because it has 12 grains and it helps me to pinch a loaf, like clockwork every morning. 

As for nuts?  Peanut butter has resveritrol in it, which, it is said, has anti-aging properties!  So does purple grapes. You’d have to eat about 88 jars of peanut butter and 200 clusters of grapes for it to have any appreciable effect.  Almonds are good for your heart, and wall-nuts are good for your brain.  Don’t get those tins of mixed nuts; too much salt.  BTW, I use sea salt.  It’s also good for clearing sinuses in solution.  Nuts, seeds and grains should be included in a healthy diet…



Why is it so important to juice?

I told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day.  I never said it had to be the biggest!  Though this way, you get a large dose of nutrients,vitamins and powerful antioxidants in one shot.  And you can mix it up; one day, I might use 2 carrots, three garlic pieces,an apple, a Clementine, a tomato, a third of a cucumber,a slice of ginger and a handful of spinach.  Or just carrots, ginger, peppers, mushrooms, and apple…

Now the bag at the back (a common, plastic grocery bag will do), holds all the fibre.  Do not discard that!  It goes great in soups!  I make a soup out of different kinds of beans and peas; although it tells you on the package to soak the beans over night in water, I just simmer them all day on the stove.  Different method, same result.  Now you grab a handful of vegetable fibre from the bag you made in the morning, and throw it in your soup for supper!

After being super charged for breakfast, you can actually actually get by for lunch with an orange and a handful of nuts.  Then on weekends, eat however you like without getting over stuffed of corpse!  It’s also important you regulate your portions so that you eat until just satisfied, not stuffed!  Eat like this, and follow the other steps in this program, and you will be lean and green!  LOL!  You will certainly pass your 150th. birthday feeling as bright and chipper as 30 year old.  There’s no reason you can’t make that possible!

What not to ingest:

  • Don’t drink too much tea or coffee!  I drank nothing but tea, tea, tea all day…  That means I was drinking far too little water, and made my system too acidic!  All that ever brought me, was kidney stones, and they hurt worse than Hell!  Now, I might have one cup of green tea a day…
  • Smoking, it is proven, to  greatly accelerate aging!  It does more to non-smokers because they get the pure stuff off the end of your cigarette, where-as the smoker is sucking through a filter, as a rule…
  • Smoking pot is a no no because just 2 joints contains about the same amount of carcinogens as a pack of cigarettes!  You can use a vaporizer now, which costs about $200, but it’s worth it!  It only releases the THC from the pot and none of the harmful carcinogens.  
  • Pills are also degenerative to the body because they change us chemically too!  I know you may take depression pills, pills, for pain, pills for various ailments you already have.  People have a tendency to overdose on pain pills especially; not a wise decision…
  • Alcohol is hard on the brain, heart, liver and kidneys; it kills brain cells, can give you a heart attack, or cirrhosis of the liver, and you pee all day!


They’re calling it: ’blue gold’ now!  Without it, you would die in less than 3 days!  You should be drinking the stuff all day with ice, to keep burning calories, to clean out waste and toxins, and to help heal the body.  Oh yes!  Water has healing properties!  You’d be surprised what water can do for you!   It immediately oxygenates your brain for one thing.  It keeps your kidneys and liver clean and functioning normally.  The medicine to prevent the formation of kidney stones is: water!  It is better for your skin as a moisturizer, than the most expensive stuff they’ve got out on the market!  Water revitalizes every cell in your body, including skin cells; the largest organ you have is your skin…  Feel better, look better, be better!



6 thoughts on “Holistically Tying One On (Part 3)

    • I have The Jack Le Lanne Power Juicer, and it works great! Your energy levels will go through the ceiling so be prepared to be active… And notice, no matter how strenuous, you never get tired… Plus, you feel like a million bucks every day you use it. I use mine for breakfast, every second day, after my run. It will be one of the best decisions you could ever make :O)

  1. awsome! im going to look into getting a good one soon. my aunt passed away suddenly today. very shocking news. that makes 4 deaths in my family just so far THIS YEAR. and its only august .

    • My condolences for all those deaths Mingtea! You must still be in shock! Death is especially difficult to deal with if you were close to them… There must be at least one in that rather sudden and extensive list you have here. Are you sure it’s just coincidence?

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