My Big Fat Moment of Truth

Just add oxygen and stir…

    Continuing with my quest to become happy and healthy, I knew I would inevitably hit this fork in the road!  See, as you change your lifestyle, you’ve got to make some very tough decisions!  Out with the old and in with the new; it’s hard to adjust to giving up smoking, and I found it even harder to give up drinking, because I had to give up a couple of drinking buddies, and The Band!  I couldn’t be around drinking and win that battle, so I had to make some ultimately, emotional, yet necessary sacrifices!  That was very, very hard for me to do to them!

Finally, with just one true friend behind me, (because Leslie is not!  She’s never behind anything I do!  All she’ll worry about is her losses in monetary value…) I have to start psyching myself up to quit smoking pot :O(  Then I’ll be a complete goody two shoes, and nobody will love me, because they’re all evil Imps from Heck!

Sure that’s part of it, yet the biggest hurdle for me is my psychological addiction to the drug.  So because that’s more mental distress than physical recovery, and I’m Bi-Polar, theirs going to be a great loss of giggles I fear!  I’m afraid that because it makes me happy, without it, I may fall far deeper into my depression instead; because of the mental anguish of loosing my sense of humour :O(

Then there’s you to deal with!

I see the stats, that you read my stuff but you seldom comment and your like finger is stuck, and I just wonder if you aren’t trying to tell me that you don’t need what I have to offer.  I’ve seen other Depressoids vanish from here as well?  Where’s my sweet, Asian, Illustrator girl?  She’s not showing up on the  Reader anymore, and her dry sense of humour was helping me keep myself together! 

Depressoids really suck at making decisions!

I’m troubled today, but am afraid you won’t like me if I serve up whine with my cheese…  And I’m afraid that it must be me just putting up uninteresting topics…  It’s my way to try and give people what I think they need; We live in what is quickly becoming a Hedonistic society, intent on what it wants rather than paying attention to what you need. 

Perhaps the truth just hurts too much for you.  Perhaps it’s hurting me too cuz you just figure you’ve got everything all figured out for yourself anyway, and don’t need me telling you what to do!  Maybe I’m just obsolete.  I dunno!  I never hear from you one way or the other anyway.  I can see now why it’s not good for Depressoids to compete with millions of people!  Maybe I should just come back in few months when I feel better.  With supposedly, 186 followers, this is embarrassing, humiliating and is beginning to look like a big, fat waste of time for me…  Sorry I feel this way.  See you in another life …



11 thoughts on “My Big Fat Moment of Truth

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