Holistically Tying one on (Part 2)


Strange as this may sound, this is from 7 ‘magic’ mushroom types only grown in: ‘The Black Forest” Japan, on the edge of dead Oak and Cedar trees!  All very mysterious sounding.  Yet an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure when it comes to boosting your Immune system.  Now, would your choice be finding a way to fight what’s wrong with you, and extend both the span and quality of your life, or do you just want to keep going to Doctors that keep just masking your symptoms until you die…  Which would you choose if you must pay for what you get anyway? 

A Three Pronged Attack on Aging:

    We previously discussed exercise in part one.  We said how it takes time to eventually work your way up to an eventual, intense run every second day.  Anyway, it’s important that you do anaerobic, lifting weights to improve your biceps, and push-ups, so that as a man aging, you don’t eventually grow breasts…

So If you run for a half hour, you will gain a half hour of extra life.  The problem is, that half hour gained will only be the half hour while you’re running. So exercise alone, won’t really extend your life; though what it will do is greatly improve the quality of the life you’re living!  And also, to prepare the body, and get it strong, relieved of stress, and an amiable disposition that naturally follows always feeling fit!

As for the process of aging, a certain bad gene we all have, ‘turns on’ when we reach around 40…  Then you start aging at a rate 12 times faster than you did before.  And by the time you’re 60, the second ‘aging gene’ kicks in and accelerates our aging process to 60 times it’s normal rate.  By the time we’re 70, we’re aging 1200 times faster than a 10 year old!

When you couple a healthy diet with mega vitamins and nutrients with exercise, something quite remarkable begins to happen!  You body begins to initiate some very serious repairs, and start putting the brakes on aging in a serious way!  Case in point:  Because of these great Medical breakthroughs and understanding of how the human body functions… 

The average healthy life span today, will bring you to between 95 and 105 years of age!  Presently, for every year you live, you will gain 3 more months of life on top of that;  This will continue to accelerate over the next 20 years, so that for every year of life you live, you will have gained an entire extra year of life; there-by effectively stopping the aging process.  By 2050, they just may be able to in fact reverse it, to any youthful age you may prefer.  This is one of the main products I take:   http://purica.com/products/immune-7 

This is primarily a package of 8 powerful pro biotics…  This super-food also employs Nanotechnology to prevent stomach acids from interfering, and to accelerate absorption.

We Need Greens on Top of Our Greens…

How you can really stuff yourself with fruits and vegetables!


I don’t get people sometimes!  You know?  They go out and buy a margarine say, with half the fat…  Now their object is: ‘I can lager on twice as much as before, and it will still be the same!’  No…  You’re defeating the entire purpose then!  The same goes for this supper-food pictured above…  Now you’re going to think that’s all I need then.  Wrong!  You still need real food to trigger what’s in Greens +, as in lots of salads and fruits.

If you can juice, all the better; especially for breakfast (always eaten after you exercise, never before!)  And you should always exercise early in the morning so you may enjoy the benefits of that throughout the day.  This product has another 8 pro-biotics, And most of all, it has 23 different powerful anti-oxidants from 23 different plants!  Add to this, a daily dose carries with it, 62 times the potency of a glass of green tea, 24 times the alkalization capacity of a serving of broccoli, 11 times the fibre of an apple, and 54 times the vitamin C as a serving of carrots: about 500 mgs.  LOL!

This stuff is very expensive!  I only have the 399 gm. size and it’s $63; that’s for about a one month supply, for one person.  No!  Good health doesn’t come cheaply.  Neither do pain killers…  Em…  Good health increases awareness through increased oxygen to the brain, creating a high; not a ‘Ha-ha!’ high, but just a whole lot of a very, comfortable feeling, that seems to bathe all over you!  I wouldn’t classify it as being better than grass, just different.  I like it better than grass,  Then again, opinions vary.  http://www.genuinehealth.com/store/greens-extra-energy#.U-1eqEGQuPU

Do I really have to use a juicer?

An Emphatic Yes to That One!


Arnold uses this one, so I thought that he should know…  This is the one I use!  One reason to use a juicer, is the amount of sugar found in store bought fruit juices!  ‘Simply Orange’ has 25 grams of sugar in it…  Try weighing it out and you’ll see, that’s a lot of sugar.  Sugar, unless in natural form, does 147 things wrong to your body!  Another reason is that you get 10 servings of vegetable juice out of one glass.  Store bought offers 2 servings per glass!  You can keep the remaining fibre in a bag in your freezer to make making soups easier and more nutritious. 

This way, you only need one glass a day, and although you have to clean all the machine parts right after you drink it down right away (to catch full potency!), it does save you time in the long run!  Even orange juice for example, looses over half it’s potency when exposed to oxygen for over 2 minutes…  This gives you a very potent cocktail to deliver, with your super food nutrients, for optimum health; in turn, you will need to eat only two thirds of what you normally eat a day, and this IS life extending!

You’ll Need to Detox Once a Year!

This isn’t just any, old,  kind of detox though!


This, you only use once a year and it’s only $16.95 plus tax in Canada, for a litre…   Uh, that is, in Zerhs; I find their alternative medicine center outstanding!  Take one tablespoon twice a day, in an 8 ounce glass of water, until bottle is finished.  It does so much more than just detoxify your body:

Here: http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/pure-le-natural-pure-le-natural-450ml-liquid-greens-chlorophyll-unflavored-liquid-greens-unflav/10258174.aspx  Check it out for yourself!

Other Vitamins I Take:

  • 50+ one a day multivitamin
  • 1000 mg. vitamin C (Time Released)
  • Vitamin B 100’s (Time Released)
  • Q 10, 200 mg. per day
  • Omega 3. 1145 mg., 3 times a day

This ends the second part to my 3 pronged approach to slowing down the aging process…  Stay tuned for part 3 concerning proper diet and how to control what we eat, along with proper cleaning techniques for fruits and vegetables. Plus, steaming vegetables, and why that’s important!  Until next time, live well, and stay healthy…  It will also contain some things we should avoid, concerning our health in general.


2 thoughts on “Holistically Tying one on (Part 2)

  1. did you say once a year? really? thats surprising. how is it stored during the years? is it dangerous to take it more than once a year? i need to stock up on vitamins and so forth. i’ll put it on my shoppin list. not exactly sure what to get tho. have you had a look at Bulk Barns variety and selection? i am using flax oil currently but that is all until i shop.

    • Is that where they have all the seeds and nuts? Their crunchy, sesame seed sticks are out of this world! Now I just wanna go nuts! LOL! You can detox more than once a year if you choose to, every 6 months say. That would be OK. No need to take it all the time though…

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