Changing: The Geometry of A Dartboard…


Most Dartboards are pretty much the same…


    Most certainly there has been some variance of the number sequence, number of numbers and so on…  Yet, it has come to my attention that dart boards have remained relatively flat throughout the ages…  Below, is an example of one way we’ve changed the Dartboard:


This is called a ‘Fives’ Dartboard for obvious reasons.  Notice as well, the much more forgiving breathing-space to hit doubles and triples.  And notice, if you will, that it too is flat…  Here’s an idea…

What if it were not flat at all?

What if they came out from the wall in the shape of a half a sphere?  The numbers near the outside of the sphere, would be harder to hit, so we could give a generous spacing for doubles and triples, and less numbers; much like on the ‘fives’ board you see above.  The center portion would be more like a smaller conventional board, with even smaller spaced doubles and triples as on a conventional board…

Let’s spruce it up even more!

Tallying up your score can take valuable time away from the game ,and make it seam more like a math quiz, for those not so sharp witted in this field of endeavour!  I enjoy rounding numbers and adding the remainders at the end, so I don’t have that problem.  However, I have seen people struggle through it.

What if we could add sensors underneath our new spherical dartboard, so that as each dart hits, it tallies up the score for you on an LED screen that can be changed to except in sequence, up to six players?   This would certainly change the entire dynamics of the sport!   Huh?  Eh?  Huh? Eh?


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