Robin Williams Dies at 63!

    It was an apparent suicide…  Here’s to one of the greatest individuals ever to roam this Earth;  Robin, you were loved so dearly by so many!  You will be greatly missed!  Read all about it here!



5 thoughts on “Robin Williams Dies at 63!

    • The ones that don’t say anything. are just the ones that DO commit suicide. Right? I know just the personality type too. I had a funny best friend a whole lot like him, and he killed himself too. If anyone was a candidate, it was Robin; spontaneous and impulsive can sometimes be a deadly combination when you suffer from depression. Far too few knew of just how devastating the effects of depression can be! Now perhaps they will. Perhaps it takes something like this, to make people do the research and be more aware of the warning signs… Not to forget, alcohol and depression pills are a bad combination.

  1. ive told ppl when i was suicidal and was told im an atatention whore so i attempted suicide several times to no success and there was no compassion or help. sadaly robin williams couldnt get anyone to take him seriously either. my cries arnt taken seriously either, then one day boom your gone and they all say “Oh If onnly theyd said something we would have helped” is pure bullshit to inflate your own egos. cuz when ppl are in turmole and ask for help they are usually shoooed away and the ppl shrug their shuldres anda say “its not that bad get over it” thats why we die from suicide becuase ppl are full of shit they want to look good in public saying ” oh if they asked we coulda helped” just feeding your own egoa. i asked for help many times and was refused help every time anad tried to committ suicide several times. nobody cares unless its a god dam celebrity. they are only human beings not friggin magic star duct powder they are just actors same as everyone else, but nobody pays attention until it happens to someone wealthy. I bet if my last name was for example Sobey or Horton i would have gotten help but since in just a number more than a name or person i get treated like a number not a person. theres no real help unless your rich or famous or come from a wealthy family

    • Then why did Robin do it? Probably cuz he was able to see through all the bullshit easily, is intelligent enough!
      Insightful, and passionate response! You speak how I want to; from the heart!

      I keep trying to use my mind which is useless to me anyway! You are so right too! I love how you can just cut through all the crap and get to the chase!

      Please stay friends with me mingtea! This whole lifestyle change I’m doing is really doing a number on my head, but I have to! I can’t be around drinkers anymore!

      I just feel so bad today, I refuse to go on my run! Not like me! I’m just so sad and upset, I just wanna crawl under a rock and die. I’ll try to answer you more clearly when I recover!

      Luv you!

      • i feel poorly today too ive been feeling worse over the passed 2 or 3 months i know ho you feel in a way. i have nobody in my world that gives a damn if im alive or dead most would actually prefeer to push me into traffic what do i do when the world hates but yet i continue to live? how can i go invisable from all the hater and evil lotters against me. i wish i could be swallowed up by a great hole at times nobody would look for me anyway. i have no loev and compainship no friends i can trust no money no food half of every month my lungs constantly hurt i cant cooncentrate i pace all day wish to god for a friend to appear in my life not a 2 faced backstabber but a real friend to count on. so many are fake and dont have a heart like yours or mine. the world is a spiteful hurtful angry pplace i feel that more than any other feeling everyday. nobody can help me. i just need to fade away and dissapear. nobody wold notice anyway. but your changes are for the better your health will improve sstay with it. i pray for ya. hope you can say a small prayer for me too. stay well keep fighting for your health and keep god and jesus in your hearts speed diall cuz hes the only one i can talk to and he listens. best regards for great health and prosperity to you . you are a good man just tested way too much by those close to you those that know the kindness in your heart. peace.

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