Tennis Update: Roanic Vs Lopez

Canada’s Great Quarter Final Upset…

Yes!  Canada is upset!  Why? not just because Roanic went down-itch.  More on that later…  So how did Roanic fail?  Firstly, let’s get our facts straight.  Milos (Milos?), is only 23, and has just barely broken into the big leagues.  Lopez is a seasoned player and has a heavy, serve as well, to easily counter-punch, and effectively neutralize Milos’s (Milos’s?  Oh! You don’t want them running around the house with the lights off!  Six foot five or not, all of Milos’s power has to be channelled much more accurately when is comes to rallying with an opponent who wants the win, even more badly than you do! 


Here we see Roanic, clearly still in his zombie , like state; completely unaware of where he is!  Still unable to adjust to rallying…  Looks like he’s looking at a dead bird on the court.  Perhaps he shot his wallet over the net, mistaking it for the ball?  ‘Dad!  I can’t believe you just told me I can’t go to The Malt Shop after the game!’  He’s still a Green Horn!  Give him a chance to improve; he’s actually doing a splendid job of that!  The man actually practices during his game.  Not such a good idea in my book.  Practice is practice, and tournament is tournament…  You know?  Is there a Zombie Doctor in The House?

Roanic Makes Good Fight!

I believe it was the second game of the 2nd. set that Roanic made an amazing attempt to beak The Lopez Serve, and brought Lopez to 8 break points in one game, which became 17 minutes in duration; long for one game!  Yet, Lopez saved attempt after attempt, and finally won that game.  The entire match was so close though, that had Roanic won that exchange, it would have been enough for him to win the match!  So he did come within a hair’s breathe of doing just that!  Roanic is improving at an incredible rate, and Hey!  He made it to The Quarter Finals…  Notice it at least has the word ‘finals’ in it.

In his own interview after the game, he said he needs to work on his rallying and to play more aggressively!  That’s not the important part though.  Today, The Rogers Cup is not on any of the designated sports channels at the designated time, or any time at all, for that matter.  Good news though!  I found it.  Well, for whomever gets this channel.  I found it on channel 130 (Winnipeg), at 12:30 pm.., for those interested in following the the semi-final coverage today…

Feliciano Lopez

And here is the man that beat Milos and has moved on, to The Semi-finals today; Feliciano Lopez.  It will be interesting to see how he handles himself today.  I do believe Roger Federrer will take The Cup;  Of corpse, that’s just my prediction; Djokovic is out!  Nadal is out!  Unless there’s an upset, those are his highest competitors!   And what a Hunk, eh ladies?  Huh?

Tennis Has Entered A New Stage of Development…

There’s a whole new crop of big guys that are going to topple ‘The Top Four’, Murray’ Djokovic, Nadal, and Federrer…  These guys have been at the top for 20 years now.  It’s time for an overhaul anyway.  Some of these guys are giants too!  Guys like Milos, at 6’ 5” and Kevin Anderson at 6’ 8”, and John Isner, at 6’ 9”!  All of the top four are mere midgets in comparison…  As for Genie Bouchard, never heard from her.  She must have got popped during the early rounds;  She too is only 20 years old and still a spring chicken.  Expect great things from these two excellent Canadian players in the future!

As for Roanic, the big Dummy!  LOL!  He has added to his bag of tricks by hiring two coaches to instruct him.  Then he gets a broader spectrum of advice for, not to mention: Stephen Edberg, one of the all time greats!  I noticed right away, instead of throwing in a faster bomb than his first one, I believe they have instructed him to rally with his second serve instead.  I think that’s good advice.  So no, he didn’t suddenly go stupid on his second serve.  He went smart, seizing the opportunity instead, to learn how these guys play. 

Just blowing them all away on his service games isn’t teaching him anything new, hence the slower, second serve from him.  It’s not a fault, it’s a tactic…  He’s also used his proceeds to build upon kid’s Tennis in Canada  Over-all, Milos has done a lot to bolster Canadian hopes, and we should be proud of his amazing climb, ultimately, says Roanic, to the top!  You go get’m Roanic!  Cheers! (YAY!)


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