Go Away!

Humans Naturally Do The Opposite Of What You Tell Them To Do…

I’ve bet you my left foot, that if I had entitled this post ‘Come Here!’ instead, you would have went away!  So a good idea when you’re posting, is to have a good idea when you’re posting!  Rather than being so concerned about how the person on the other end is going to take what you say, pay very close attention to how exactly, that you word things.  Then you can say just about anything…

Dissecting a post is easy; you have a main theme, suggested by your title, and then you elaborate upon it, using various sub-titles, all the while building your theme to a crescendo, until, oddly enough, you reach A CLIMAX!!!  LOL!  I know this can all sound very em.. sexual…  And in a very real way, it is;  Are you not attempting to move your audience emotionally and get their entire brain involved?  Are there not magazines that fill the shelves of convenience stores, just for that purpose? 

Do you not have the ability to make someone laugh or cry; to enrage them or calm them down?  Do words not have the power then to move a person in any direction you choose for them. Do they not carry the power of persuasion?  Let’s look deeper and explore how we may harness that power to our best advantage to post, rather than concentrating on placing all your 5000 reference words in order.

When Should We Consider Using An Anti-climax?

What exactly is an anti-climax (Boy! could I play with this!).  An anticlimax, is just as the name implies.  It’s a way of calming your audience back down, summarizing what you’ve said before, and in the case of story telling especially, it’s a way to twist the plot with a surprise ending.

Encapsulate What You Have To Say!

Methodology may well be one of the most important aspects of writing; what good’s imagination if you don’t know the proper words to express it?  You might try to first simply the even in your mind, from start to finish, so you may get a clearer idea of the over-all picture.  Never use a long word when a short one will do.  However, the question then becomes?

‘When do you use long words then?’  It’s when you must describe a very graphic, or complex thing just using one word.  There, long words will include all the permutations that short ones can’t cover in complete graphic context.  Saying it more concisely saves your Readers time, and they don’t have a lot of that…  I’m not saying that posts can’t be long; only that they have to be more succinct and to the point.  and, they have to be more than just plain, old, interesting, they have to be captivating and about something more controversial.  And give up a little white space to relax your Readers eyes…

Don’t give them everything!  Leave some things for to the imagination of The Reader.  They too have a brain, and it’s a way that they can become more interactive.  And interaction, is a very powerful tool.  I used to get word games out, and have the people play along.  You want to interact with your Readers?  This is the perfect way to scoop them up, because you’re giving them something they’ll enjoy to do. 

Ask questions!  How would you expect comments if you don’t ask for peoples opinion?  If you were looking for a job, and they didn’t call you, wouldn’t you then call them?  Well how is this situation any different?  Because its on-line and nobody  can see your facial  expressions?  Hog-wash!  Real writers express themselves; and their demeanour throughout, will be made perfectly clear to you…  Be honest.  Speak from your heart, and things should go well for you!


Here is a short list I’ve compiled in order of what gets the most hits and why!


  • Artists: Our Artists among us employ so many skills!  We all know it’s just plain, creative genius; A picture really does paint a thousand words, figuratively speaking of corpse!  It could say 10,000 words.  There are no boundaries in a creative mind!
  • Story Tellers:  These people have the most latitude to write.  That’s why they tend to do so well; they can easily become involved!
  • Lists:  Then most popular blogs, is a great one to start out with because, they have great influence, and if they like what they read…
  • Poets:   By appealing to our emotional side in such a logically constructed way, we can better see how to organize our thought patterns.  These are the Philosophers of our little group of 30 million; each with there own interests, so you should have no short of people to explore.
  • Designers:  Designers make things others can use on their computers, and are generally treated like free-bees, but everybody enjoys a steady stream of tangible, creative gifts, so we flock to them like bees to flowers!  If you’re a man, like a Cheetah to a dead carcass!
  • Photographers:  They record the world around us, and that, is beautiful, mysterious, complex and informative!
  • Instructors:  People still like to learn and that’s a good thing…  Don’t get too overly technical though; we’re just Laymen…
  • Reviews:  If it concerns something lots of people would be interested in, why not?
  • Rants:  Generally opinionated, we are drawn to their logic and methodology for coping.  They tend to complain…  We like to complain though!


  • Romanticists:  Now we are entering the group that seams to experience problems attracting readers;  Romance is dead and buried now unfortunately for the romantic at heart.  Generally we prefer to argue and put someone’s eye out instead…
  • Cults:  It’s not that we’re not interested in what you’re doing, it’s just that we don’t have the time to join up!
  • Stylists:  Your presentation is wonderful; only the women are really interested.  How about a nice, Garage Sale Bolivia watch for men?
  • Analysts:  Your dilemma is simply this; by the time you finish analysing something, it will have changed…
  • Holy Rollers:  Please don’t recite platitudes, unless you’re prepared to back them up!  And for something as impotent as directing our lives up to now, we want to see credentials!
  • Commercials:  Oy Vey!  Aren’t there enough of you on TV, and down just about every street we walk?  We’ll make up our own minds.  Sound fair?

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