The Bangers!

Our Band Needs Aid…

So I finally come up with a name I like for The Band, and then I packed up all my equipment and went home; I quit The Band last week…  I thought our logo could be a needle and a tie on someone’s arm while they’re holding a turkey drum-stick.  What do you think?

I Quit Because of Alcohol!

See, I’ve been very adamant with the other members, that I’m trying to quit drinking!  On this particular day, I went over to The Drummers house (Marcus Lascivious Crassus), and thought I would be a nice guy, and throw caution to the wind, and get 15 Budweiser’s between the two of us;  since our other player (Bass) only shows up once a week, if that…

So he says: ‘No problem, I have 9 OV’s in the fridge!  And I said: ‘Oh great, we can just drink them then…’  After a while passes, he starts accusing me of stealing a beer.  He was so upset that I began to laugh and asked him why he would get all upset over a single beer anyway?  He had no answer for that one, and I knew he was still upset.

Then he waits ‘til later ‘til he’s sure I’m at my most vulnerable, and tells me he thinks we’d better get that 15 more after all.  So we ended up drinking 24 beers, and when I got home, Leslie threw coffee in my face!  I was in the dog house for 3 days!  After promising her I would never get sloshed again, he out-right tricked me into breaking my promise, so I quit, so I can stay sober and away from people who think they can play and drink on stage too…  Nobody ever listens to me!  That’s OK…  I’ll put out an add for a Drummer, and see if we can raid his house, and play there…  ‘All’s well that ends well.’ <Sigh!>


Froggie’s Birthday, June/95:  We went to the park that day, and shared an ice-cream together…


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