Dead From The Neck Up!

A Streetcar Named Desire

The funny thing about a streetcar, is that they’re very hard to stop, and so is desire!  Finding the right woman for you can be a wonderful thing; trouble is though, diamonds just laying on the ground are more common than the right woman for me!  And as I struggle to gain more and more control of my emotions, they’ve been becoming more and more buligerate and out of control, as the time has passed…

Don’t dare live with a pill popper!  They hang onto you like barnacles, and they’re sound asleep at the time!  During Leslie’s waking hours, she’s a constant nag and wimps more often than a soggy tea bag!  And I think she fancies herself a man, cuz she takes swings at me!  The entire conversation must always revolve around her and her constant complaints, though I serve her hand and foot; you can though in my legs and arms too!

How would you like to be a Depressiod in the first place, and have that kind of cheer and frolic around you 24/7?  People don’t kill people!  They make you murder them!  Don’t worry.  I have what she doesn’t have. DISCIPLINE!!!  LOL!

‘Radio Tuning’

Once you start to get older, (Say past 40 cuz that’s when that gene kicks in that rapidly accelerates aging.)  So it happens to everyone at varying rates.  It’s not Old Timers disease.  Not yet, but it does make your thinking processes a whole lot more indecisive!  For instance, a few days ago, she told me that my friend Antonius comes by too frequently.  And I agree.  He’s here everyday and he stays all day ‘till midnight before he slithers home.

He lives with his parents, doesn’t like being there, and needs a place of refuge.  He’s amiable and helpful, a good conversationalist and I don’t mind having him around.  He tries to bring his own food, and besides, he’s my best friend, and we are closer than brothers!  So I tell him to stop by every second day or third…  Well that nearly devastated him!  Then, the very next day, Leslie asks how come Antonius isn’t here?  So I had to re-establish the game plan once more.  That’s called Radio Tuning…

Could It Just Be Dark Matter?

It very well could be!  If there is a Satanic force on this Earth, I would say that Dark Matter may have a lot to do with i!.  We don’t know just exactly what it is.  It is undetectable, yet is all around us, and we are walking right through the stuff every, single, day!  In fact, we are surrounded by more Dark Matter than the light stuff… It’s got to be messing with our genes or something!  It just seams that the entire world becomes more and more cruel and heartless with each passing day!

I’m just letting you all know ahead of time, that I may be ranting quite a bit more often than before.  I can’t help it, she always flairs me up, and the therapy for me, is to try and remain calm.  Sure…  Remain calm with all my sanity removed!  That’s a plan!  ‘Why look Mildred!  A calm Nut-Bar!  How can this be so?

I’ve got this huge heart that won’t let me kick her out, but I swear to Dog, that one day soon, I’m just gonna start badgering her until she leaves!  Knowing her, a hammer may leave me with a dull impression on my brain, but we all have our breaking point.  Or better yet, I’ll be like her and stop talking all together.  Only when I do it, I won’t begin again!  That when she calls the Police, I’ll just tell them I didn’t say a thing!  I’ll never fall in love again!



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