Dissecting an Alpha Male

Make a Good Fight!


See the 45 on this dumbbell?  No…  The other dumbbell…  So including the bar, he’s only lifting about 100 lbs.  You’ll lift more than that yourself, lifting your own body weight during a push up!  There are smart alpha males, and your average drooling imbecile with a mad on.  I’d stay clear of those ones if I were me (only sometimes am I me.).  Anyway, they don’t usually elect imbeciles as Governor of California; your  typical alpha male: ‘Don’t mess with mess or I’ll rip out your throat a make me a new coffee cup!  And if I can’t do it, I know someone who will, and my someone is bigger than your someone, so there!

What Makes These People So Successful?

    It’s a combination of specific traits that give them added forward momentum in life.  No all alpha males are body builders for example, yet most of them like it.  There are other things.  They are very decisive, and posses advanced management skills!  They posses a good sense of humour, and are ambitious generally, and WILL become aggressive if pushed, this includes arguments and confrontations as well as physical advances.  Here are some other qualities they have:

  • Mental toughness;  What some may consider stubbornness from them, is really just them taking they’re own road instead of yours.
  • Physical Endurance; knowing it’s a tough world out there, they wisely toughen up themselves.
  • Intelligent;  You you can get brutes, but true alpha males are self made men.
  • Physically well co-ordinated;  They have good spacial recognition and a strong sense of balance.
  • Amiable: Friendly,courteous, humorous, insightful, imaginative and naturally curious, they make for quite the conversationalists!
  • Successful;  Ah, but they all have they’re own idea of what success means to them.
  • Fearlessness;  They’re willing to try or say anything, a big part of the secret behind how they adapt to well and quickly.
  • Persuasive;  This is another key to they’re success.  They can convince you you’re a Zebra!
  • Determination;  There is genius to determination!  Nothing can stop it!
  • Resourceful; They’ve learned to open their minds and approach perplexing problems (and enigma wrapped in a puzzle), different ways, until they achieve success.
  • Sneaky;  When it comes to business, they’ll speak to you on a ‘need to know’ bases…
  • Independence;  Having developed a mind of their own, they seldom find the need to depend upon anyone but themselves.  Besides, if you want it done right, do it yourself.
  • Bossy;  Lets face it, sometimes you have to put people in line, or a lot less would get do.  Technique is the answer.
  • Diplomatic; They’re rather stop a fight than start one, which is strange because they’re usually the first ones to get into one…
  • Brave; Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Eccentric;  Em?  Some of us, including yours truly, are a little odd-ball like…  OK!  Down right screwy!

Could I ever Become an Alpha Male?


If this guy can do it (Bill Gates), anyone can!  ‘I just farted, and the vibration almost knocked the lens out of my frame!’  Bill Gates stole Windows while attending University…  A fine example of fearlessness!  He didn’t get caught did he?  Alpha males can be contemplative, but not this guy!  I doubt he knows how to work with Windows himself he’s mucked it up so much!



Another Fine Example of an Alpha Male

Me!  Remember I suffer from Depression though.  So I only come out when the moon is full!  If there was one trait I could mention about myself that makes me an Alpha Male I would say it’s because I’m highly motivated.  I do think for myself and am quite determined, curious, ambitious, athletic etc…  See?  My cap says my heads made out of Onyx…  And all the Bologna on this site, is as original as the banana I’m holding…


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