Religion is Dying!


‘Of the world; having no God in particular, save money.’  Look at the picture below.  These will all either be torn down or turned into Dance Schools, Bowling Alleys and such…


Let’s Take a Boo at The Statistics

    Most people believe today that 95% of the world is affiliated with some Religious  system of belief in God, in one form or other.  This is what one might call: ‘A popular misconception.’  In fact, Religion has now reached something called: ‘The tipping point’ world-wide and basically means: ‘The Point of no return.’   This paradigm will fall by 2050!  Presently, about 40% of the worlds population is now secular, and climbing…

At last!  The Great Harlot has Fallen!

[Well, I needn’t be so jovial about it, now should eye!]  And you would be wrong!  Hears why I should be more excited for Man-kind than ever before!  The Bible tells the meaning of this great collapse, and its one of the ways we will be made free to advance as a civilization.  There are only three things that rule over us: Big Commerce, Big Business, and Big Religion…  Her nick-name be: ‘Babylon!’

She, Religion, is called: ‘The Great Harlot’ because she is drunk from the blood of great men, causing war, after war, after war!  What about our morals?  What about our ethics?  Do we not have those things written upon our hearts anyway?  We have two Gods now anyway.

Science and Technology

Won’t absolute power bring absolute corruption?  ‘Well it hasn’t to date: ‘For good to triumph over evil, all a good man has to do is nothing!’  We can now drop the:  ‘We need Religion to keep our robes clean’ routine, because science and technology is now making it possible to catch much more, and eventually all criminals: ‘You will look for The Wrong Doer, and he will not be found!’

This new found freedom before us shall bring about changes that will certainly propel us into: ‘A Brave, New World!’  Be prepared for things to change greatly in everyone’s favour, and a future with no holds barred!   So yes, I’m uh…  I’m happy!  Just not: ‘Flap happy!’  OK?


2 thoughts on “Religion is Dying!

  1. I like the idea of transforming churches into something else, but, as a historian, the idea of demolition a nice, historical church building seems sad. I hope they only tear down the ones that need to be torn down. I hope the truely historic ones among them are turned into museums or something.

    • That’s actually one excellent idea! All the gold trinkets and such would probably be auctioned off… It’s the only uplifting thing I can think of.

      Look at it this way; If human intervention worked for us, there’d have been better results than this by now. One body that all believes the same thing, and co-operates toward achieving one another’s goals. Isn’t that what we really need for this world? Or should we go on pretending we can follow The Bible, and only be able to imagine our goals?

      Make no mistake however! Those who keep The Faith and obey,love,forgive,help, will probably survive The Great Tribulation. And those who live by the sword, that stuff’s all still true. Feel any better?

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