Holistically Tying One On…

A Better Feeling than Drugs!


Here we have someone tying one on; a high quality pair of running shoes and an investment in a pair of orthotics might be just the ticket to painless, intensive ,exercise!  Wanna feel better than when on drugs?  It’s all the time too!  And it’s FREE!


When it comes to your health, you have to start out with the right altitude.  Physical exercise requires a consistent form of dedication that requires mental will-power and determination.  This mental fitness will help you all through life, no matter what may befall you; it’s a form of toughness that tends to improve upon endeavours that bring you success.

Spiritual Advantages of Exercise

When you remove yourself from the bondages of disease, it is followed by a great spiritual awakening.  Rejuvenation tends to have a multi-faceted effect  Some people are so ugly, that they have to walk backwards, just to look presentable.  And by ugly, I mean they have ugly, angry dispositions!  Yet when you feel physically well, all the time, it’s far more difficult to remain miserable.  A tremendous feeling of physical strength, spiritual calm and metal prowess will always be with you!

There’s always the added advantage of more interaction involving people who are interested in the same thing that you are.  Of corpse, there’s not a lot to say while two people wizz by each other.  Even if it’s only a smile, that speaks volumes!  Your moods will be much better.  You will be much more alert…

Pitfalls to watch out for



Nothing will kill ones drive to push forward faster than pushing forward too soon!  And a lot of people start out doing that very thing!  Within 3 months, they give up on the entire idea altogether.  Rome wasn’t build in a day, and neither will your body be!   You won’t be ready to sprint for at least 6 months.  If you start training in the winter, the weight of snow, and extra clothing will speed up your progress fast enough, trust me! 

Why be grumpy,sneezy,dopy or sneaky, when you can be happy?  It’s also about diet, slowly building more muscle to help your body consume fat 15 times faster!  I lift weights,  Only 42 pounds; if I lift it only 10 times though, that comes out to 420 pounds of lifting!  Always keep your back straight, breathe out as you lift, and inhale as you lower them.  Do this slowly for a greater effect.  Vitamin B 100’s will boost your energy levels.

Why do I want to do this?

By walking faster and faster during your first trimester, and eventually, the temptation to run will overtake you.  That first run should be short, perhaps 100 yards.  Then try to keep walking fast so your heart rate will take a long time to calm down.  You want to do this because it will assist you to build endurance  Do that for two weeks, just the same, so your body can adapt further.  build up to 3 sprints with 20 seconds between each one.  And you must still take two weeks to adapt to each.

You want to do this because you will soon find ways to feel better and better!  Your want to do this because in a year, your legs will feel like pistons, you’ll run like the wind because suddenly, out of the blue, this third gear kicks in!  And the power you can feel beneath your feet, is one of the greatest rushes ever!  It’s a better feeling than drugs!  ‘You won’t get up if you don’t get up!  You’ll always stay down if you sit around!’  (10cc)  Of corpse, what you do is always up to you…  It also relieves stress, improves appearance, and so will water ‘with ice ‘which burns calories while you’re doing absolutely nothing…  ‘And don’t forget to breathe.  Very important!’  (The Karate Kid – 1984).





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