Show us the way

Our Loving Father Jehovah God;


We humbly approach you, in the name of your dearly beloved son Jesus Christ, to ask for strength, and guidance through this troubled, and enslaving world;

Strength we ask, to resist against our suffering, and guidance to alleviate it from within ourselves, and others.

Through perseverance, and hope, may we seek to heal one another!


Teach us our dear Jesus, that we may find tolerance for those less fortunate than ourselves, to give them love, and food, and replace ignorance and sadness, with wisdom and kindness!

Mostly, we thank you that you are still giving us time to improve upon this world you have entrusted to us!


Thank you that you protect, and feed the poor, vanquish disease, and will ultimately reward us with ever-lasting life in a better world!  Fortify us with patience and forgiveness;

Bring us closer to your heart!  Keep our children happy, loving, wise, and strong!

Show us the way, the truth, and the life!


In Love Always:  We ask these things in Christ’s name.  Amen.


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