A Stitch in Time

Who needs time travel anyway?

Backwards me; when I was a boy, I couldn’t wait to get older.  Now that I’m older, I wish I were young again…  We have spoken in the past (The only place that remains real!), how time is nothing more than a human concept;a unit of measurement and nothing more.  Scientifically speaking of corpse.  Science isn’t ‘always’ correct.  We all know as men for example: that 10 seconds with your hand on a hot grill, is much longer than 10 seconds with a hot babe on your lap.  I must therefore come to the contusion that what brings me pleasure, speeds up time for me, and what brings me pain, slows it down.  A good idea why 20 minutes a day of strenuous exercise is such a great idea; those 20 minutes are gonna seam like hours!  LOL!  Besides, if you run backwards to the rotation of the Earth, won’t that slow down time too?  Not negligibly, though I’d even argue that because added oxygen to your brain may help you to be more ‘aware’ of the passage of time.  There are other ways to gain even juicier amounts of moments back…

Saving time

  • I know a bank is NOT the place!  Go ahead and say time is money and do your banking over The Internet.
  • Count how many steps it is from your favorite chair to the kitchen sink, and then from your chair to the bathroom sink.  Even if it’s only one step difference, that’s the sink you should spit in!  It  add adds up to thousands of saved steps per year, and thousands of saved steps can take you other places…
  • Multi-task!  While you’re brushing your teeth, you could be going for a wee, brushing your hair, calling The Police!
  • And hear is a neat little Web-site that discusses what are dreams mean, by words listed in alphabetical order.  Your dreams will tell you how to organize your waking life better.  This in turn, will help you to reach your goals more quickly, saving even more time that can be used wandering around in The Desert if you should so desire.  More time to do some of the things YOU want to do instead of what everybody else wants to tell you to do.  Here’s the Web-site:  http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/a.htm
  • Only sleep seven hours a day.  You will even feel better than by sleeping eight.
  • Look for somebody that’s mooching off you, that looks bored and ask him/her to go fetch for someone else, while you do something more important, like play in your very own sand box!
  • Who needs time travel anyway?  The Earth is very quickly moving through space in a galaxy jaunting along at a few million miles per hour.  We are definitely in a different place in space than when you were born! 





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