Hi Folks

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, ‘Words-back, is just Backwards Backwards.  Time, in my view, has no present or future; only the past repeated over and over again, each time improving it’s stature. There’s no present because it is transitory.  Time does not stand still to my knowledge.  And the future is yet to be, which is also transitory because that’s anyone’s guess.  Besides that, time is a concept.  You don’t suppose aliens wear watches do you?

We’re even backwards about Aliens!  We think they’re going to find our submicroscopic, rather plain, small, and insignificant star?  Meanwhile, us Hominids are the ones developing plasma for deep space travel, to find and colonize habitable planets.  Doesn’t that make US the aliens? See? Backwards!  Did you know that in Australia, the water circles do the drain backwards?  BUT IT LOOKS FORWARDS TO THEM!

Depression Sucks

Finding your way out of the darkness:

In my case, I have lapses in time called Dementia and then fall into a non-responsive state; that’s when I loose all motivation entirely and enter my own world.  It’s like I suddenly have to go out after a rain, and cut a worm in half to see if they go their own separate ways, or hang out together?

The good news is, the times that I am actually willing to be here with you, are longer. This is my pathetic attempt at trying to instill hope within you, that an actual person resides within me.  He’s just changed so much I’m afraid he’s gonna take my wallet!  And you can’t run away because: ‘Wherever you go, there you are!’

Things are changing my mood for the better

  • Large and Larger are leaving Thursday.  Good!  So now I can fix all the plumbing and buy a new air conditioner ‘The Tele-tubies’ burnt it out by running it day and night cuz their room with a window is too hot…  Then in the winter, her was too cold so him had to have the furnace on all the time, which blows right over man head where I sleep…  My head’s shrunk two sizes already.  I’ll soon be ready to shrink-wrap!
  • I got all of my teeth fixed and got my smile back (If I ever use it)…  Meanwhile, The Dentist and his demure assistant were arguing about whether the air conditioner was on or not.  I don’t know why one of them didn’t just check…  And I can’t say a word because I have a tube hooked on one side of my mouth for suction, and the Assistant was watering me with another tube, I had to big wads of cotton that protruded my upper lip to look more monkey like, and all I could do was grunt anyway…  Not that it mattered…
  • I’ve stepped up the intensity of my work-outs even more and increased my consumption of Omega 3, and it seams to have worked…  Now I can remember my name…  Uh,  just the first one.  It’s Spartacus.  Still, my friends look at me weird!
  • Spousal tolerance came from her own lips: ‘Never sweat the small stuff!’  However, a lot of small stuff can accumulate into one long, and continuous annoyance!  I still cope better though now.  Wanna know why?  It’s because, if one tries hard enough, they can convince themselves of anything; that, coupled with a lot of love and understanding has paved the way for me.  She’s in constant pain now, and won’t be long for this Earth, (She wants to be cremated!)  All I can do, is try to make her as comfortable as possible.




2 thoughts on “Wards-back

  1. your a good caregiver sparticus. and a good man too. your friends are lucky to have you and your enorrmus heart. Congratulations on large and laarger moving out. i know a clean well mannered young man who needs a room he is self sufficiant and keeps to himself. cleans up after himself and is fun to talk to about deep interesting things and he love s to play guitar and talk about music. just a thought once the room there is cleared up. He pays rent on time and is quiet. you already know him . Think it over a great rooming tenant , digs music especiallly john lennon and enjoys clean housing and contributes to the work. Im happy for you getting your freedom back without the other 2 taking over your house and bossing you around. good for you. finally good news eh? lastly, say a prayer for us disabled weak poor timid and alone. everybody needs somebody to love, can it be anybody just somebbody to love….have a good evening sir talk to you again soon.

    • Well thank you from my toes on up Melissa! I especially appreciate your enormous brain. I will visit you soon to clarify matters a little more thoroughly for Markus so he stops freaking out.

      Yes. I will say a prayer… Not publicly though, cuz I’m afraid I’ll start joking around! You know me, I may change my mind… OK I’ll do it :O(

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