Be careful what you wish for…

Town and Country

‘New York, New York.  So good they named it twice!’  Those tricky city people think us country folk don’t know that New York city is in New York state!  My Mummy never raised no Idgets!  It’s better to live in a swamp, foraging for frogs, than to be gnawing on a T-Bone, in the fanciest Palace in New York: ‘Radio City Music Hall!’ 

Us Canucks automatically assume New York to be be a cold, heartless, jungle; a place only fit for animals!  If that were true, all their zoos wood bee full of people!  True, there is Central Park, but that’s only one example!  LOL!  I’ve stayed in New York for three weeks, and I can tell you it’s one of the most breath taking places in the world!  And I do mean that literally.  It’s difficult to breathe!  All the Hotels are always full, so you must wander the streets…  There really ARE more cabs than people, though nobody will really talk to you; except for one lady.  I asked her how to get to Carnegie Hall, and she said: ‘Practice!’ :O(  They always try to make you drink coffee, and the song I heard played most there, was that great Elton John hit: ‘Don’t Let Your Son Go Down On Me!’  It’s not that their sky scrappers aren’t stunning, I just don’t like peoples altitude, that’s all.

Country living, on the other foot, is so warm and friendly, to the point of wanting to stay in a locked bathroom, because everybody also wants to know your business;  in fact, I have people here who never leave!  They are so friendly here, they want to all live with you, rent free for ever and ever….  I’m not saying it doesn’t have it’s advantages.  There’s plenty of fresh air, ma-newer scented but fresh, that’s for sure!  We have other kinds of blood suckers here, as well as the New York variety, though not all insects are bad.  LOL!

Up-lifting Orthotics

They make you feel like a Big Shot

I finally got my Orthotics!  Yeah!  Now I can run like the wind; I’m also very gaseous, for added jet propulsion…  I really love these very, expensive running shoes I bought from a guy, who, surprisingly enough, was also able to sell me The Brooklyn Bridge if I wanted it!  He has the actual Deed, signed by himself, and an actual, live, Witness!

The Orthotics make me about an inch taller, which really brought my self esteem up from ‘0’ to ‘1’…  And I love that my feet now raise very low from the ground when I run, decreasing concussion considerably, and that I can now leap like an Elk!  It’s just that when I run, people find it difficult watching TV.  Well  I don’t want to take them outside…  They’re new!  If they wanna fight about it, just let them try and catch me!

Of corpse, as it should turns out, everyone here now looks at me like you’d look at a horse, and asks me to do all their errands for them, just because I’m healthier then they are :O(  And of corpse, in return, I asserted my new found manly, prowess, and insisted they all make out separate lists so I don’t get mixed up…  It won’t be long before they tie me to a Rick-Shaw, so I can take them to go see: ‘Planet of The Grapes!’  All I can say is: ‘Be careful what you wish for!’





5 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for…

  1. i cant find anywhere that i can send you a private messsage or email anyway i hope you have an opportunity to go out while its summer and get some awsome pictures i should be doing that as well but stress has me locked up tightly lately. i remember you said its best to take pics right after a rain nand ever since then ive been doing that with great success in the way i wanted to capture what im photographing. that was a great tip thanks darrinsky 😉 say hello to your lady and our old friend ‘R’ for me as well hope you all are having a good summer in spite of the crazy rantings of our favorite lunitic…lol

    • oh by the way i gave my daughter the landlords number there shes lookin for a place by the end of july short notice i know but its an emergency so she will be callin him up and letting him know that we know you and hope hes got anything at all available. Peace anda grooviness my brothers and sisters. love and
      good vibes to all.

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