The Dodo’s


The real: ‘Last of The Dodo’s’

    Your average Dodo was not the most clever animal that ever lived.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t fly.  And they couldn’t out-run their predators. They had little or no defences!  So they tried dogging them with the old: ‘Dodiot do do do!’ (a kind of dogging technique that looked more like a dance!)  Anyway, it didn’t work.  They were all caught and eaten; hence the saying: ‘Hello Dodo!’ Meaning: ‘I haven’t seen you in a while…’

Unknown to the general, virtual public, a few Denver Dodos from Colorado, hid in a raspberry bush, and have in fact survived to this day; hence the new name of our band: ‘The Dodo’s!’  After all, we should be extinct at our age!  And as a band, we do act a lot like Dodos!  In fact, we may just ask the Artist if we can use his picture for our first album cover :O)

How the new Dodo’s give you: ‘The Slip!’


   What the new Dodo’s have finally learned to dodo, is to kick predators away with their enormous, smelly feet!  Or in this case, ‘foot.’  He lost one in an attack :O(  God certainly didn’t equip them with a plethora of defence mechanisms.  It has a beak suitable for little more than cracking jokes!  And why the tiny wings?  Perhaps they’re for traffic signalling…  If only we could find enough Dodos to do the job, we could do away with traffic signal-lights forever!  And what’s the fluffy, cotton-tail for?  Makeup?  Painting?  A preventative, insulator to prevent haemorrhoids?  What?

Baby Dodo?  Not too bright!


    What can you do do?  This fledgling Dodo won’t leave the toilet in case it should have to go… <Sigh>  What a Dumb Dumb!  Any Dodo knows there are now people lobbying as I speak, to get: ‘Diapers for Dodo’s!’  As you can see, its feet are already enormous and smelly…  It could fall in a tar-pit at you’d never see it :O(

You don’t believe that Dodo’s still exist?



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