Mary Jane

What would a ‘Pot-Head’ world be like?

    Well, we already know because everyone’s on Social Assistance.  Contrary to popular belief, you can’t all just smoke a joint, and sit around in a circle, waiting for something stupid to happen.  You must go in search of your own stupidity!  If your quest is for a quick giggle while stoned, looking in the mirror sometimes will do the trick;  it’s like trying to deny you’re really looking at a picture of: ‘Goofy!’  That’s right, your I.Q drops to 0.1…  You can understand and comprehend things while stoned on pot, you’re just not willing to do very much about them at the time. 

So I thought it might be a good idea to invent some kind of Pot-Head board game to keep you amused: ‘Trivial Per Toot!’  The object of the game to smoke enough hemp to bring The Fire Department, and then answer daffy questions, perform stupid tricks.  You need only make the game 10 minutes long because everyone will think it was longer.  By then, everyone will have become dribbling idiots anyway.  And the last card on the deck should always say: ‘Order a large Pizza!’

You could establish your own church!

‘Our Lady of the Dibbling Idiots!’  Our center of worship would of corpse be food!  Shouldn’t it be mandatory that every drug induced coma include at least a dozen donuts anyway?  We could take over the Catholic church up the road from me: ‘Our lady of Filthy and Disgusting Internet Porn.’  We could romp and play in the woods, and throw flowers around, finally wandering about aimlessly, with nothing to do…


Does God approve of our smoking a carcinogenic weed?

Does He approve of our smoking cigarettes?  And why aren’t there laws against that if it can be just as harmful to you?  Weed, or: ‘Cannabis eat’m Up-a-Puss’, as it’s known to the indigenous, jungle people of Scarborough Ontario, is not harmful when consumed in small quantities, requiring the usual steam shovels and bull dozers, so you can stock up for the winter.  Yeah!  That’s it!  Stock up for the winter 

Does it have any redeeming qualities?  Yes…  Most people smoke about 4 pounds per day for medical porpoises.  I think, like most drugs, it’s often abused; in some cases, people forgetting their own names, and eating the leaves from trees! Plus, laughing and side splitting belly aches can lead to terrible things like nourishment, a better mood, and not to forget, a good dump!

Should it be legalized?

No…  It should be decriminalized!   If it’s legalized, and I think it is now in Colorado, The Government will sell it to you for a lot more than you get it for now.   They want 36% tax!  Considering more testing need be done, several monkeys were given a few marijuana cigarettes under controlled conditions…  Currently, they’ve been spotted in Manhattan, making deals, and pigging out on banana splits!


2 thoughts on “Mary Jane

  1. [ Smiles ] You probably know by now that the topic of marijuana is a very controversial one.

    In the United States of America, some doctors are actually prescribing marijuana for cancer patients.

    And just in case you didn’t know, there are highly intelligent people who partake in the smoking of marijuana.

    Marijuana may have some good uses, but it is a herb that should not be abused and I am afraid that if it is legalized, people will abuse it and cause harm upon themselves.

    • Thank you for the eventuality of your thoughtful comment Renard! I always enjoy your input…

      Still, I have a sneaky notion that this younger generation is more sensible than the previous one :O)

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