How to dress your T-Rex…


If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!

One main problem with a T-Rex being able to dress himself, is his really, tiny hands!  He can’t possibly get his pants on alone.  They’re quite vicious too so approaching one is out of the question…  They can’t even rub their eyes when they cry.  Even if you could dress them up, you couldn’t take them anywhere.  They’re rude and have no table manners what-so-ever!


You could try distracting them…

Your average T-Rex can be out-smarted by a tree sloth, so, you could try feeding him something he can’t digest (He’ll eat it anyway!), and when he complains of stomach pains, move in!


Mmmmm!  Tasty!

If all else fails, you can always breed him with a chicken, and serve him up for Thanksgiving :O)


What about an acting career?

I know it sounds ridiculous, yet underneath their rough exterior, is a real Ham!  Perhaps if he starts raking in some serious cash, he might find a reason to let you dress him,.  This particular T-Rex has a case of nerves it would seem…


Your only other option!

Well hey!  It’s not a T-Rex, but a person can pretend, can’t they?


3 thoughts on “How to dress your T-Rex…

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