What’s Happening?

About The Band

  • Two Dogs :  He likes to show off that he has the highest voice by singing a whole octave higher than me, and ruining the song!  We’ve known each other since we were seven years old.   He seeks to prove he’s better than I am at everything, so I’m sorry to say, he’s a bit like Hitler!   Two Dogs, is a fully blooded part Cherokee and part Mohawk Canadian Native, and he’s really into the fire-water!
  • Antoninus :  He does all the heavy rock stuff, and my choice for snapping Two Dog’s vocal chords!  He’s been a good friend for over 20 years now, who mooches everything off me, and then pays me back.  LOL!  He’s a construction worker without a vehicle so he always loses the job for lack of proper transportation; I think that’s part of his Insanity.  He’s also a gambler with a system, who tells me he’s gonna pull up in a Limo some day, and we’ll all go off to some exotic land : ‘Dreamer!  Nothing but a Dreamer!  Can you put you hands in your head?  Oh no!’ (Supertramp.)  Antoninus is from Croatia.  Quiet disposition, and a true sneak if ever I’ve seen one!
  • Markus :  He’s our Drummer.  Excellent timing!  Only one problem; He’s a Paranoid Schizophrenic, so what if he get’s scared and runs off stage?  He says we play far too many Beatle songs and I agree.  Besides, it’s one more way to get back at Two Dogs.  He’s terrified to face an audience, so I told him to wear sun-glasses and that seems to have worked.  You’re never just sure when you’re dealing with a fellow acorn.  Mark is part Portuguese and part Trinidadian.
  • Spartacus :  That’s me.  Two Dogs has more range than I do, yet we harmonize well together, and I have all the experience, where-as he sounds more monotone.  I’m trying to bring order to this chaos, though they all still insist on drinking.  I point out to them that they won’t make a very good impression on stage that way, though I talk to the wind…  I’m German American.  So as you can see, we’re kind of a world-wide conglomerate, or some other freakish thing!





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