Signs and Visions

Why does God answer some Prayers and not others?

To answer this question, I can only speak from my own experience.  If you live a life without problems to solve, there’s very little reason you might want to speak with God in the first place.  Those who’s prayers are obligatory, are pretty much shut off spiritually.  Emotion must be a factor, especially considering the predominantly, evil world in which we all reside today!  So unless you’re at least a tad panic stricken, you’re pretty much at the end of the line as far as God’s concerns for you right now, because you are as yet void of compassion, and therefore not ready to listen.  Pray for others first before yourself, ask God for direction, strength, love and wisdom.  And tell Him how neato-beato you think He is, and don’t forget to say: ‘Awe Man!’ at the end :O)

Who does God usually favor then?

The innocent:  Those who are always taken by others.  For some reason, these type seem to forgive very readily, and can therefore tolerate much from others, and are so able to cut through the crap to see a persons center, and gravitate to it!  Some people feel they need protection, so they are usually surrounded by The Righteous, and tend to make friends easily.  That’s why they are persecuted by Intellectuals, and so favored by God as one of His Warriors.  That’s right.  Those with a ‘tendency’ toward innocence can’t see danger as often as most, and therefore go where Angels fear to tread.

The Righteous:  They are bold, clever as foxes, even manipulative, yet always for a respectful outcome.  They come to God later in life because they require proof for everything!  They gradually come to God because of their love for the great assistance The Bible brings to humanity, and it’s apparently mysterious, intrinsic, miraculous, natural healing effect on those who would consistently read it; hence the explanation for why God paid people the same amount as the other workers, even though they arrived later in the day, concerning the parable about The Farmers Field.  

Why would God insist we read the same book over and over again?  For the same reason you eat a steak over and over again.  You forget what it tastes like, and crave a refreshers course.  And you must drool until you get one!  These are one of Gods most prized Warriors because of their tricky and cunning attributes!

The down trodden:  Although these ones arrive at The Field late (very late in the day, God favored them most!  Why?  It’s because they are the ones who feel the need for help the most.  Therefore, they’re loyalty to God will never waver.  Not to forget that Christ chose to hang with these very people;  Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.  Mathew was a Tax Collector.  Yes, Tax Collectors were  regularly persecuted as well back then.  I think of God.  In fact, I think they still do now.  LOL!  

Also, God put us hear (Hell on Earth) to suffer, and these are the only group receiving Gods medicine or cure for rebellion.  Once they’re with God, they’re with God with the strongest love, and fear of Him.  These are the ones budded during ‘The Sermon on The Mound’ to be: ‘pure of heart’ and will actually see God.  Christ favored the common people.  He always has, and always will.

God speaks to some Ministers on a regular basis!

Fortunately for me, I am one of those people who posses all three of these traits.  In my heart of hearts, I feel it should be mandatory to qualify as a Minister.  Although many are said to be anointed by God to administer His word properly, not all Ministers are fully qualified, nor choose to be.  Gods greatest wrath is reserved for them because they stumble and mislead His flock, which if you’ll notice, it’s just a flock, not several arguing flocks…  Ministers truly have to be a special breed of people.  You must be: constant in vigilance, compliant, enthusiastic, cunning, reasonable, persistent, forgiving, loving, disciplined, and diplomatic.  Are you all of these things?  Are you willing to set that example for other always, and for ever?  

Are you willing to not just pray, yet speak with God on a regular basis, and obey His law designed for your protection, strength and comfort?   Then you could become a Minister!  This Kingly position is not easy, and with it, the greatest responsibility on this Earth, and should not be entered into without great thought, and contemplation on the issues at hand…  You must speak to the people, as one of the people, using the language that they understand, and parables concerning their own conditions in this life and not just quote from The Bible.  The reason is to help others in God’s name, not to be a big sot and take the credit for yourself!

Signs and Visions:

Should you choose to become a Minister, the first thing God will do, is let you know He’s there for sure, in the form of a sign, or several signs if that’s what it takes.  God shows me signs He loves me all the time!

Love:  God gives me exactly, every single thing I ask for, and almost right away!  I have trouble understanding women completely, LOL, so whenever I’m up for a new one, I always ask God for a specific Nationality and conviction, character etc.  And that very thing (creature) is always, alway,always, the very first one I meet!  In fact, He doesn’t even give me breathers in-between.  Guess I’m just a handsome dog :O)

Commitment:  True to form, God has always laid my enemies at my feet, even though I have forgiven them all!  Six so far, and not long after they’ve wronged me!  There’s death in my wake so it’s actually a little spooky!  The one that’s with me right now, is getting sicker by the day, and suffering great pain and disappointment constantly, is also becoming bed-ridden.  I fear she’s on the slab for the taking.  I tell God she doesn’t mean it!  I guess she does though, cuz she’s still deteriorating.  Men aren’t safe either.  So, if you want to know me, please be kind…  (Con Line Number: 357.)

Proof:  I could tell you the the intricate design of The Creation itself that there has to be beings out there whose Intelligence greatly surpasses ours.  And that a visitation from an empathetic Being is not beyond the realm of possibility; especially when a star hovered over Bethlehem, and stars don’t hover!  I won’t though.  I told you already.  We’re looking for aliens?  We ARE aliens…  And we Do get: ‘Signs and Visions!’.  Thank you for your interest.  You may offer to help by comment, and I will be happy to offer assistance wherever need may be.








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