How to age ungracefully


I thought that you might appreciate this one in particular  ‘That’s it Grandma!  Show’m the real cure for cancer is by smoking!.


Just because you’re getting older, that doesn’t mean you have to stop clowning around…


When you don’t have a bottle opener and are thirsting for a cold one, try our handy combination choppers and bottle opener for just $19.95!


See, the trouble is, he was so anxious to here the latest Stones album, that he forgot to get dressed…  So in a very real way, we really do revert back to children younger than 2 apparently :O(


Sometimes, as we age, we develop strange, new eating habits…


We can sometimes remain sexually active; though we usually fall asleep, and miss our entire cinematography!  Was it real?  Or was it Memorex?


One thing’s for sure.  We’re not going down without a fight!


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